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Corrugated box- Ecofriendly packaging solution

Crating and packaging consume a large amount of resources. Artificial materials produced on an industrial scale to meet these requirements, which is dangerous to the environment and its resources. Corrugated boxes can be produced from secondary sourc


Goals of packaging design

The fact is well packaging design goods present an attractive and pleasing effect to the eye.  For example, a gift covered in printed paper or exquisite cloth topped with a fancy ribbon or string surely beats out a gift that is merely placed in a gi


Business benifits from its carton packaging

Today the carton packaging is not just offer a simple portable function,  good product packaging design not only protect the product but also quickly express the contents of the brand to enhance brand image. Besides, the text, graphics, colors of th


packaging design is a discipline

Packaging design has became a discipline itself, because it is very important in today’s market which has already more than a factor of production. Millions of dollars are spent each year to discuss packaging design how to influence product sales and


Why corrugated packaging is popular

Corrugated packaging has many different names. For ordinary consumers, it called cardboard which actually a heavy paper-pulp product, for example, card stock and poster board. Cardboard is often referred as carton.

Corrugated packaging is the mos


Ordinary packaging boxes classification

Even in the global recession, there are thousands of types, shapes, colors and materials for packaging boxes production, companies that are investing a lot of money on product packaging to market the product itself is of great importance. Even the pi


Corrugated box design and classification

Function of packaging boxes

The packaging boxes play a very important role in our daily lives. They could be used in almost everything we can imagine. Whatever you want packed for your loved ones, ranging from candies, perfumes, bags, shoes, soft toys, cakes, jewelry such as ne


Eco-friendly cardboard packaging

Being part of the modern society, we are inevitablely come across cardboard boxes every day in our life. Whether it’s a box which contain the pizza you ordered or it is mail box or shoe boxes, you may not pay your attention how they are actually used


Adantages of folding carton packaging

Product packaging plays an important role in marketing sales. Folding carton can be designed in the form of different shapes with colors to make the product very attractive for customers. We often see attracted biscuits, sauces, candies and many othe