Tubular box structural design

The theory of carton box design is a little complicated, In this article we will talk about the structural design formula and some commonly tubular box structural design.

Size E EX B4 V FX  
<0.45mm B-D D B-D D D  
046-0.65mm B-D D B-D D D  
0.66-0.99mm B-D D B-D D D  
1.00-1.80 B-D D B-D D D  
Size ZX Z4 YH S N FS
<0.45mm 3 3 D+0.5 D F/4


046-0.65mm 3 3 D+0.5 D
0.66-0.99mm 3 3 D+0.5 D
1.00-1.80 3 3 D+0.5 D

Note: When FX and Y equal 0, E=B

structural design       A


17mm<=A<=30mm 30mm<A<=100mm 100mm<A<=150mm A>150mm
  F=10mm F=13mm F=15mm F=18mm
      —–C—–      —-YZ——      —–G—–
Glued Piece






A>60       Y=7.5,Z=5.0



Dust Flap





Formula 2       


The following can be ignored


Note:The following parameters can be changed according to requirements

G=1/2 or G=B4


Formula 3

tube box design

Structure of the end of the tubular folding carton box

1、Tuck end

tuck end box


lock end box

3、Self Lock End

self lock end box

self lock end box structure

4、Glue End

glue box

glue box structure



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