Keyboard packaging design

Keyboard has been the frequent employed input gadget in our everyday life, once we got a new PC, you will have all kind of packaging packing containers for keep track of, mouse, motherboard, keyboard, Harddrive etc. In this post I’d like to speak about keyboard packaging design. The process divided into A couple of parts, computer keyboard box structurel design and graphic design, here we go.For

keyboard box structural design, We mainly utilised Packmage CAD application, firstly I have to pick up laptop keyboards box template from its collection.

carton packaging design software

carton packaging design software


the gap, width, detail, caliper value etc. according to needs. For example, L=400mm, W=145mm, D= 35mm, Cal=1mm, then we can help to conserve the configurations with DXF file format to generate the laptop keyboard die cut format to aid the printing.The second

action is graphics, we can employ AI as well as Photoshop application for keyboard set packaging graphics, the keyboard package structural style also can be stored as Pdf file format, even as start graphic design, we can importance the E-book format into Photoshop immediately.

keyboard packaging design

keyboard packaging design

Once the graphic design finished, we can import the graphic design into Packmage CAD software to texture with the keyboard structural design, the we can check the 3D box modeling via 3D module.

3D keyboard packaging

keyboard packaging

keyboard packaging design

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