Semi-auto bottom lock structure carton box

Before the artist draw an semi-automatic bottom lock structure carton packaging, he should be very clear around the size relations from the details of the leading parts on the bottom of the box. The underside size has an exceptionally close relation with all the main dimensions with the box template. How big length and wider and the interaction impact the underside structure of the therapy lamp template. Let’s read the following photo one example is.

Semi-auto bottom lock structure box templates

Semi-auto bottom lock structure box templates

In the image above, L is short for length, W represents width, CAL represents caliper.(The construction descripted here only L/4>=T/3, if T/4<W/3, usually we do not suggest this underside lock structure, for starters the paper utilisation is relatively reduced, for another issue the carrying mental ability of the bottom part is not decent)

The first portion, the relations involving the size of the various components in the freighter and the duration, width of the box template:

Y1=W/2 Y2=Y1-CAL/2(As long as the value of Y2 similiar to Y1 or less than Y1this relations works, it mainly depends on the caliper value)

box templates




Y3=W/4(Y3 can be similiar to W/4 or less than W/4, it can not be greater than W/4, ) then it will be the roundings of each corner, we will talk later.

The second part is the variety deformations of the bottom sturcture.

box templates

The left side is enhanced bottom structure, the offset angle T1=30°

box templates

There’s a T2=5° angle in the left buttom structure, the two bottom structure are very similiar, the left one is easier for forming.

box templates

There’s an angle on the left bottom structure, T3=30°, if match the left bottom structure with the enhanced bottom structure ①, the bottom structure will be more stronger, of course, the structure will be a little more complex.

④ Position

bottom structure

As for single box template structure, the change of the position is meaningless, sometimes in order to improve the paper utilization, we will change the position for step and repeat process.

step and repeat

In the photo above, if we changed the postion, the paper utilization improved obviously.

When the value of L is large and the goods loading is heavy within the carton box(fruit box for example), we can change the bottom lock structure into multiple corners for heavy loading. We will discuss this kind of complex bottom lock structure in next article.


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