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Paper handle bag box templates

There are a few paper handle bag box templates listed as follow:

paper handle bag box template

paper handle bag dieline box template

paper handle bag box template

paper handle bag box template

paper handle bag box template

paper handle bag dieline box template

paper handle bag box template


The structural design of those paper handle bags can be easily done in Packmage CAD software, users only need to modify the parameters related to the die line box template to get it done in seconds. For more box templates please check Packmage CAD software library. We are now offer box template customization service to our members, you are welcome to submit your own box template to

Share 3 new carton box templates

carton box templates

carton box templates

For more carton box templates, please visit Packmage CAD website, recently we are about to launch carton box template customization service, only start with $16.98, for more details please email

Free FEFCO standard box templates

Recently, Packmage CAD software library add some free FEFCO standard  box templates, they are 0200L, 0200R, 0201,0202,0203,0204,0205,0206,0207,0208,0209,0210,0211,0212. There’re the die line templates screenshot:

fefco carton die line template

Besides those die line templates, Packmage CAD software even listed the FEFCO 3D box template in its library, which is more intuitively show the folding status in front of people so that they can be selected immediately at the first galance.

fefco 3D box template

Packmage CAD members could check the 3D box templates directly and compare to the die line templates in the library, which could greatly shorten the carton box structural design time to help improve the work efficiency. Besides the commonly FEFCO standard box templates, the software library contains 400 different carton box templates for different usage, they are fully opened to the users on the website and software. Currently we have a package plan for small business, it allows members choose 10 box templates from the library for only $99, members could freely choose the box templates they want to cut down the cost, it’s very easy and flexible.

Although Packmage CAD has more than 400 carton box templates in its library and we continually to update the library, it couldn’t all of the member requirements, they may search the whole box template library but failed to search out the boxes they want, don’t worry, submit your die line to, we will contact you back right after evaluate it.

Download Packmage CAD free trial version to start your magic carton box structural design tour now, it is totally free.

Free carton box templates

0412 new folding carton dieline templates

dieline templates

0412 folding carton box template 1

dieline template

0412 folding carton box template 2

dieline template

0412 folding carton box template 3

Flip structure displays box template

die line templates

Flip structure displays box template

This flip structural displays box template is mainly used for cards, magazine, and other small goods.

carton box templates with partitions

carton box templates with partitions