Crash Lock Carton Box Template

carton box template

Automatic  Crash Lock  Bottom Carton Box Template

The automatic crash lock bottom style carton box is the most common box which is quick folding and provides reliable, low cost storage and postal protection. The strong crash lock base simply folds out and clicks into place, so no additional taping or sealing is needed. With ten built-in creases down each side, the box then folds down to the height of the contents, keeping delivery costs and the need for void fill down. Finally, the peel-and- seal strip securely fastens the top to provide these cardboard boxes with strong, tamper-evident closure.

The crash lock box also called economic box or popcorn bottom box, the Himes or crash lock automatic bottom is pre-glued in the converter’s plant. It is hand erected and typically used where fast set up is critical, but production volume does not justify an investment in automatic packaging equipment.

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