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3D Full overlap box template

carton box template

3D full overlap box template

die line template

Full overlap box die line template

The flaps of the full overlap box template on the custom FOL box extend from one side to the other, making it an excellent custom box for heavy objects or rough handling. With 3D and remarks on the die line it is much more easy to design your own full overlap boxes.


Donation or vote box template

donation box, vote box

Donation Or Vote Box Template

As you’ve seen, there’s a hole in the top closure panel, it can be used for donation, vote purpose or deposit box to save pocket money.

Pillow box template

pillow box

Pillow Box template

The pillow box is commonly in our daily life,  in McDonald, we offer eat the hot pies packaged with pillow boxes, and it is often used to package gifts such as wedding candies etc..  The one-piece folding pillow boxes are perfect when you need a unique packaging design for small gifts. Excellent for food, soaps, jewelry, crafts and more. Can be stuffed with tissue for small items like jewelry and tied with ribbon for a beautiful presentation. Pillow Boxes are easy to fold and take up very little space as they store and ship flat.

Gable top with auto bottom box template

carton box template

Gable top with auto bottom box template

The gable top with auto bottom box template mainly use in food industry such as for cakes, fast food etc.. It has a hand set up, loaded and closed box, it is quick and easy to erect and close, plus it has a convenient carrying handle. Its style attracts a lot of attention.