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Carton box template with locking tabs

The carton box template with locking tabs is mainly used on the gift packaging,  with the locking tab, the gift packaging becomes more diligent, actually the carton box template with locking tabs come from a Snap Lock Bottom or Auto Lock Bottom box with one or more locking tab. A long-shaped box usually cannot close very tight; adding tabs can help solve this problem.

carton box template

Carton box template with locking tabs


Tray and lid carton box template

The Tray and Lid carton box template structure uses more paper and therefore costs more money to manufacture. However, it gives a higher quality feeling. This kind of structure is commonly used in gift boxes such as clothes, jewelry, and expensive grocery. If you have several products but cannot share the same box graphic design, you may consider using the Tray and lid carton box template, which can help you save some money.

carton box template

Tray and Lid Carton Box Template

1-2-3 closure carton box template

carton box template

1-2-3 closure carton box template

The 1-2-3 closure carton box template also called snap lock bottom tuck lock top box or or Tuck Top Houghland Bottom. The 1-2-3 closure is also the most inexpensive box structure because its profile nests very well and therefore minimizes paper waste. This box has as a bottom closure and a tuck top closure. The bottom closure design is more secure than reclosable locking tab structure for heavier products.