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Snap lock bottom display template

displays template

Snap lock bottom display template

The displays packaging mainly used to present products in front of customers. It has lots of changes in its structure mainly according to better promotion purpose. The displays template above has a snap lock bottom which makes it easy to lock and it is easy for stocking and transportation.


Square profile box template vector

box vector

Slim square profile box template vector

The photo above is a slim square profile box with its 3D box template and die line vector, it composed by two parts as you can see the die line. The box template has been widely used in digital products packaging, food packaging etc..

Milk carton box template

Milk is one of the healthy food in our daily life, it can be packaged with bottles, cans, carton boxes with different shapes. The following is a milk carton box template.

milk box

Milk carton box template

The milk carton box template fold all of the score lines except for the single diagonals next to the pour spout.  Apply adhesive to the tabs on the side and the bottom flaps.  Do not put adhesive on the pour spout unless you want to completely seal the milk box template.

Cardcase box template

During our business activities, we used to receive lots of visiting cards from partners, if we throw it everywhere we might loose the business chance once we can not found the cards, so we need a cardcase to stock the cards. The following is a cardcase box template, it is simple and practical.

carton box template

cardcase box template dieline

It also can be used to stock other cards such as game cards, telephone cards, etc.. This cardcase box template is very practical.