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Cardboard tray template

cardboard tray

Cardboard tray template


Window style carton box template

display box

Window style display box template

The window style carton box template becomes more and more favorable in the market, the manufacturer has more and more requirements on the window style box packaging design in order to full display the advantages of their products to get more sales revenue. Check the 3D box above, the window style display box template has a very wide range display zone from the front, top and bottom of the box, with the shelf hanger, the consumer could see the products inside from different angles, it is particularly suitable for dolls packaging.

Square box template with nail bit

square box

Square box template with nail bit

Compare to the tube carton box packaging, the square box packaging is not that popular mainly because with the same situation the square box template consumes more paperboard and transport cost than the tubes box template, in one word, cost decides its application. However, in some field the square box still has there own advantages. Check the 3D square box above, it has a snap lock bottom which could easily seal the bottom of the box, in the front surface, there has a snail bit which facilitate people open and close the box.

Pyramid base carton box template

pyramid base box

Pyramid base carton box template

The pyramid base carton packaging isn’t commonly used in our daily life, for one thing it decided by its shape, for another thing its structure is a little bit complicated. However, it could used for gift packaging, food packaging,jewelry packaging and other luxury goods packaging. the pyramid base box template could offer better protective as well aw display function to the goods inside.