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Packaging design— software drives innovation

       According to the latest news of World Packaging Organization (WPO ), the global packaging industry has valued more than $500 billion, and ranks among world’s top ten big industry, packaging industry is a industry full of development prospect.

       However, packaging design is a tedious process. For the most common carton packing design, the workload is heavy. Choosing conventional CAD softwares as design tools, a skilled staff can draw 10 ~ 20 packaging structure a day.

      For a design company, introducing a box template software which put graphic technology, database technology and 3D animation technology as a whole, can reduce a lot of manpower, material resources.

       Nowadays, design company become more and more thirsty for automatical box type structure drawing, 3D proofing, expand picture and 3D folding box. In order to improve the packaging design process, shorten the design and manufacture cycle, reduce the cost of repeated proofing, digitalize the whole packaging pre-press industry, the market badly needs a powerful, easily-operated box template design software.

       Packmage — a box template design software listed in 2009. Just like ePack, their software designs both based on a box template library, namely the module library. On the operation, first to choose a practical box is also needed. And the big difference between Packmage and ePack is that ePack repository is “parts”, Packmage repository is “whole”. Thus,compared to ePack, it can greatly reduce the possible problems in the process of box design, but on the other hand, it also reduced the flexibility of box type design, designers’ reliance on box type library increased, which requires Packmage should have a huge “library”, for the different needs of users.

         It has a mighty box template structure design, 3D animation display box and other functions. The box template library accommodates more than 400 new box templates, it is widely used in food, clothing and other industries, especially cigarette and wine.Besides, the users can also deposit their own design into the box template library, makes the number expand continuously. Its box template management including: box template parametric design, box template texture, 3 D display, data storage. Here is a simple introduction of this software.

        Parametric design of box template: Packmage provide standardized box template structure, the users input several main parameters can have box template structure design done. Main parameters is the main factors of structure and sizes of each part of the expand picture t (such as length, width, depth , thickness, and pallet height,etc.). After the parametric design, a box structure is out of their own. In addition,remember to deposit it into box template library.

    Packmage considered the complexity of users’ packaging design environment, the design result supports a variety of formats of many design softwares, modified box type files can be saved as WMF and SCR formats. Customers can view BMP, JPG and GIF these three formats. And what’s more, Packmage can combine the step and repeat software on the PC platform, the graphics software and the CAD softwares (such as FreeHand, Illustrator, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc.), to have pre-press and post-press work done.

    Box template texture and 3D display function: texture can be post onto the box template structure, and can also paste many images onto each side of the box template structure; Can also more image respectively paste box type on each face (which accords with the design habits of some designers).

    If there is no texture function, we say it soft. Box template structure with texture is especially true and vivid in the 3D display. 3D animation function can simulate the process while folding box template, 3D effect will be very obvious, users can also check their own designs in the process of 3D animation, 3D can record into video, too.

    In this way, can significantly improve the efficiency when have communications with customers, and reduce costs directly while checking 3D blank sample, 3D color sample and animation of molding process by Internet. Do not poof the object until customers achieve highly consistent with Packmage – rather than proof repeatedly with a lot of money and time.

    As for packaging design software, foreign countries developed more mature than home. What are the relatively popular softwares in the market now? The answers are the ArtiosCAD of Esko-Graphics, the ImpactCAD of Ardensoftware, CIMPACK of Cimex Corp company, BOX – VELLUM, Kasemake of British AG/CAD company these packaging design software.

    Among these packaging design softwares, the most out-standing is ArtiosCAD which overturns the traditional packaging structure design. It takes the form of digital, simulate packaging structure design and 3D folding effect on the computer. As for my personal experience, it is a very powerful packaging structure design software, on the basis of a box template library, can according to the needs to adjust the parts, or even redesign. However, it is so expensive.

       Looking forward to Packmage!

       Look forward to industry innovation!


What are the considerations for packaging design?

Packaging design shall follow the principles of appropriate, reliable, beautiful and economic. Due to the wide variety of goods, different performance and various requirement , therefore, the problems in the product packaging design should be considered respectively. Generally, the following items should be paid attention to:

    1,The performance of the packaged product

      The performance of the packaged product: mainly includes the state , appearance, strength, weight, structure, value, risk of the product and so on.This is the first problem should be considered for packaging design.

1) State of product: Mainly includes solid, liquid, gas, mixing, etc., the different states may have the different container.

2) Product shape. Mainly has square, cylindrical, polygon, etc., the packing should design packaging according to the product shape, and should fulfill small volume, fixed and good storage stability, conform to standardization requirements.

3) Product strength: For low intensity and easily-damaged products, consider the protective performance of the packaging fully , and have obvious mark on the outside of the packaging.

4)Product weight: Heavy weight for a product, should pay special attention to the strength of the packaging, ensure that it is far away from being damaged during transportation.

5)Product structure: Different products, often structured differently. Some is not anti-pressure, some is fear of striking. Only have a full understanding of the structures of products,can you have the right packaging design.

6) Product value: Different products have different values. So you should consider mainly to high value.

7)  Product risk: For inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products, to ensure safety, due attention and specific mark should be printed outside the package.

2, The environment influence over products

       Products in the process of circulation, will encounter different environments, they will produce different influence on packing. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken.

1)The weather conditions. Mainly include air, temperature, humidity, rain and snow, and air, etc., which have different effects of different products. Thus different meteorological conditions should be taken into consideration respectively.

2)Loading and unloading conditions. In this condition, you should consider it is to be done by manual , machinery. And the numbers of loading and unloading.

3)Transport conditions. In the process of transportation, products will be subjected to shock, vibration, etc, and different means of transport have different impact on the packaging . Main products should be considered for fixing and buffering.

4) Storage conditions. Storage generally use stacking, packaging should examine its compressed strength. In addition, storage has indoor and outdoor storages, the former should notice moisture-proof, mould proof, waterproof, etc; The latter also should pay attention to guard against rain and snow, sun, wind, etc.

     3,The packing ways

     The choice of the packing ways is very important to protect product, only have a comprehensive understanding of product performance and flow conditions, develop several alternatives, and make economic evaluation, can you find the right packing ways.

1)Choose packaging materials. According to the product performance, to select the corresponding packaging materials, make packaging containers, choose the appropriate auxiliary packaging materials of packaging products at the same time.

 2) Select packing methods. According to the requirements of the strength of the product protection, mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, to choose appropriate packaging technology and packaging methods.

Is it difficult to master a packaging design software?

    When I first come into contact with Packmage CAD, I was a little shocked. That’s so not easy for me, I can’t do it.

    But after I settle my worries down and find my confidence back. I tried to use Packmage with the tutorials. It is fascinating ,magic and easy. It makes me so happy and proud when I solved one problem after another. Sometimes you may come across a really difficult one, but it can be done in seconds with the help of tutorials.(Oh,you must read it carefully)

    So, when talking to design, there is no such thing called difficult. All you need is a easy ,simple and useful software to learn, to begin your career. Here I am going to introduce a magic packaging design software, that is Packmage CAD.

   Packmage CAD has many functions: box template library, parametric design, 3D blank sample, 3D color sample,CAD drawing tool, 3D box molding and step and repeat. What’s more, they offer customized service.

    If you are a designer or a fan of designer, Packmage CAD is your perfect software to choose. No matter who you are, you can become perfect in your life.

    If you are a student in Design Department, it is cheap to own a design software.

    If you are an artist, you will be definitely impressed by the CAD drawing tool and the 3D molding.

    If you are an amateur designer, you can just buy one box or ten box templates, you will benefit and profit more than your investment, besides you can have all the functions I just mentioned before.

    Thus, it is not difficult to master a packaging design software only if you choose the right software.

    Here you can get some information about Packmage CAD.

    1, It has a demo version in which it has all the functions of the software. For those who have a little short of money and who does not want to buy now, it must be a wonderful choice.
    2, Packmage CAD has many functions: box template library, box template parametric design, 3D box modeling, 3D color sample, 3D blank sample, and step and repeat.
    3, What’s more, the price of this software is worthwhile and cheap(The price is only now).
One Template Yearly License only $19.98
One Template Customization Service & Yearly License only $19.98
10 Templates Yearly License only $99.00
Monthly Full License only $120.00
Yearly Full License only $998.00

    Thus, it is not difficult to master a packaging design software, or we can say it is pretty easy and quick to master a useful and well-designed packaging design software.

    It is never too hard to have, to own and to master a packaging design software, but you need have the sight to choose a right software. I bet you know why I recommend you guys to choose Packmage CAD.

Packaging design software—-Packmage

     Packmage CAD is a software that can change the traditional packaging design software. It can be used in packaging, dielectric sample, die cutter, printing and other fields.    

     First of all, the software will introduce the concept of “change”, drawing boxes is just like magic. You can use the box templates in the box template library, and by inputting the paper dimensions of the box, you will conjure up an expand picture which can be exported to PDF, DXF vector formats for later using in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and other softwares.

    Secondly, the software introduced the function of 3D magic, you can import the design draft into Packmage CAD, and match it with the structure properly. Then you can watch the 3D modeling, every corner, every side. The most important thing is that the other 3D softwares on the market are fixed to 10 templates, far from the free play at will.      

   Finally, the step and repeat. It is to put a single cutting die graphics and design image overlap , then to step and repeat die cutter graphics, and to render design draw to each cutting die graphics, eventually get knife template and plate required files. This can improve the work efficiency, accuracy, and ensure the consistency of the knife mold files and plate. Packmage CAD provides smart ,array and manual step and repeat.

How to use step and repeat wisely?

Packmage CAD’s step and repeat function is smart and optimized, but if there are more than one box type involving, this smart function cannot be used at this moment.

Now there are two structures:


Here’s a tip. It is a big order by the same customer. If you only use a structure design (left or right) , it will waste a lot of paper at the time of the final printing, The utilization of paper is not as good as these two structures used together.

Although the smart step and repeat of Packmage CAD cannot implement multiple intelligent optimization, but it doesn’t matter, this can be done in array by manually.
First, using the tools in the toolbar图片2 to put the two structures together. Just need to turn over the right structure as a whole, then move in together, is OK.


Second, click on the array:input rows and columns of the arrays. Then input column space and row space.图片4

This can do 48.



How many will be stepped and repeated if we only use one structure design?

Only 42.
Obviously, the utilization rate of the paper improved by using two structure designs together.

Is this the best 3D packaging design software?

     In order to do the best packing design software, Guangzhou Eprinter Company(based in China) introduced the 3d fool operation into Packmage CAD. It is different from the traditional software, this 3D operation is very simple. Only using buttons “B” and “V” of the keyboard, the box can be folded, unfolded and pulled.


    When designers are in the operation of the texture, texture can be set to HD, so it will become more clear in entering 3D interface. After finishing adjustment, you can also save view to high value.

    It is very convenient for designers to do 3D effects with Packmage CAD. Especially when cooperated with image processing software, such as, PS, AI. The work will be done with great facility.

    The biggest application of Packmage CAD is putting graphic design and packaging design together directly and perfectly.

    You can design the plane , you can design packing, you just need Packamge CAD. I believe you can do it, cann’t you?

    Now we have customized service, please link this to have more information:

Do you want to know the expond picture of packing box?

     Those who design product packaging often need to look for a large number of expond pictures of packaging design,in order to have their own references. Our website not only shows a lot of packing box of expond pictures, but also shows the 3D rendering. Thus Packmage CAD can facilitate users to understand the packing box better.

    Looking at the expond pictures alone,some structures of certain box types should be understood by spatial imagination or physical proofing. First, if the expended view cooperates with 3D, the display will be understood easily. Second, it’s not good enough to have the expond picture alone, the size of each product is different, you need to remake the structure with the expond picture based on the size of the product.

  Packmage CAD offers the convenience to the user. First, the user can view the expond picture and 3D rendering from the box template library. Thus you can quickly find the ideal packing structure, and then select the template and input main dimensions, get the expond picture you needed.Even if you need to add some additional things, it can be easily done.

    You can also get the cut line of the box, the total length of pressing line,paper utilization (software provided this function), thereby, to estimate the cost of the box type fast. Costs often determine whether you will finally choice this box or not.


     I will tell you how to use the lowest cost to use our software, and to create the biggest value. If you are an individual worker, or you often received some tasks or order of packaging design after the work , you can buy a single box type, it only need less than 20 dollars one year.

What is the packaging design software that you really needed??

   When someone starts doing packing, most of them go to their friends for used software, is this the right way? Is this a wise choice?

    Last year, one of my friends wanted to do packaging, he heard AI can do it, then he downloaded an AI.Only to find himself incapable of using it, and so he had to dig the teaching material on the net.

    Finally and slowly,he might be able to master some basic operations.But if you want to draw a box only with imagination, it is impossible.

    First of all, you have to understand the packing and packaging structure,know what advantages this structure has, then gradually you will understand the structure,and then begin to improve them, then you will be able to design some boxes by yourselves.

   Then, how to find a suitable packing design software for your own?

    Firstly: position yourself. If you still does not understand the packaging structure design, you need to own a professional packaging design software. Packmage CAD should be your first choice,there are a lot of structures for your reference, you can also watch the 3D molding process.

    Secondly, according to your own learning ability to judge whether the software is suitable for you or not. There are all kinds of packaging software on the market, domestic and foreign, plug-ins, and so on. If you do not have too much time,and it is impossible for you to spend a lot of time in learning a new software.

   Thirdly,Packmage CAD is a software that can solve all your problems one time. It can assist you to finish the work quickly,to master it more easily and fast.And if you happen to have some knowledge of CAD, or CDR, etc., then you will become the best of the best.

    Cherish your time,do not use it on something can’t create value. Packmage CAD can be able to generate a box of any size in seconds, it is much better and more valuable.

How to design the hanging board of the packing box

Hanging board of the packing box


This kind of structure is often seen in the supermarkets and stores,                    and usually can be folded in half and formed a hanging plate                                 by one panel that extends out of the box.

The main points of the design:


1,The box is sealed tube type box, hanging board is one of the extended board

2,Folding and coinciding the hanging board to a double plate structure                        can increase the intensity.

3,The radius of the fillet angle around the hanging hole                                       and the hanging angle (sr) cannot be too large,                                                generally 5 mm is OK, or smaller. Caliber(sd) also cannot be too long,                had better not exceed 10 mm.

4,Part bf is inserted into the inside of the box after folding,                              make suspension structure more solid.When necessary,                                       glue can be used for perfection.

5,Attention: bt as angle is 15 degrees; and br as fillet radius.

The final result is like this.


Do you know the sizes of a folding carton?

Folding carton has three different sizes:inner size, outer size and manufacture size.

Inner size refers to the internal volume size of the packing.It is an important data to measure the packing volume of filling quantity , and an important design data to calculate the carton or carton volume machine how to coordinate with the goods inside decorations or the inner packing .

Outer size refers to the volume size of packing.It is an important data to measure the    occupied space size of packing, is also an important design basis to calculate the carton or carton size how to cooperate with the outer packing or transportation warehousing tools (such as truck and freight cars, containers, pallets, etc.)

Manufacture size refers to the size of production, namely, the size of the annotation on structure design drawings. It is of great importance in manufacturing paper and die cutting plate, and is closely related to the inner size, the outer size,   the thickness of the cardboard and the paper structure.