General packing paper

General packing paper mainly has the following categories:
(1) Kraft paper
Kraft paper is a kind of advanced wrapping paper.Kraft paper is mainly used for packing goods, industrial products, such as hardware, auto parts, since childhood to the general merchandise, textiles, etc.
(2) Stripe kraft paper
Stripe kraft paper is mainly used for the outer packing products, paper can be on the surface of printing name, business scope, address, telephone, etc.
(3)Sulphite paper
Sulphite paper mainly small packaging of various commodities (non-food) because of its smooth surface, can be printed words and pictures.
(4)Sack kraft paper
Sack kraft paper is mainly used for holding big weight of cement, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, etc.
(5)Corrugated board paper
Standalone case board paper and corrugated base paper made of corrugated carton, holding cardboard products for long-distance transportation.
(6)Corrugated base paper
Corrugated base paper become corrugated after processing.In addition can also be used as a gasket, protect the goods from damage.
(7)Corrugated board
Corrugated board is one of the most widely used in the field of commodity packaging materials.
(8)Honeycomb cardboard
The honeycomb cardboard is a new kind of material in our country. Honeycomb cardboard for packaging transportation can not only protect the goods, but also can reduce transportation costs.



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