Proprietary packing paper

The commonly used proprietary packing paper mainly has several categories:
Parchment structure closely, has the protection function such aswaterproof,moistureproof, prevent oil, parchment is suitable for the machine parts, instruments, chemical reagents and other industrial products packaging.
2,Imitation parchment
Imitation parchment structure tightly, double-sided light, translucent, texture soft, oil water resistant performance, but long time make when exposed to water and wet strength is reduced, have bigger size change. Mainly used for packaging need not long hidden video of grease, milk candy, cigarettes, drugs, etc.
With cellophane packing goods, built-in visible, often used in packaging cosmetics, medicines, candy, pastry, and knit fabric, etc., are used for various packaging window part.
4,Anti-rust paper
Anti-rust paper mainly for packaging materials and metal products, preventing the oxidation rust, reduce the loss. Like to shave with the blade of wrapping paper, is one of its products.
5,The gas phase anti-rust paper
The gas phase anti-rust paper can state by the sublimation of rust inhibitor into steam, can achieve the purpose of rust.
6,Vacuum aluminum plating paper
Vacuum aluminum plating paper is lined with modern cigarette industry commonly used packaging paper. Mainly used in cigarette packaging, video, etc. Packing and gift packing.
7,Aluminum foil backing paper
Aluminum foil backing paper is composed of two kinds of composite materials. These two kinds of materials together to form a close and airtight wrapping paper, mainly for advanced cigarette, biscuits, candies, chocolates and other goods.


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