Concept and classification of the carton

1,The concept of the carton

Carton is refers to the small paper container, for rectangle commonly, such as toothpaste boxes, soap boxes, medicine boxes, and all kinds of food boxes, the inner packing box for more sales. Cartons for protective products, and convenient for exhibition display box, and easy to active packaging, so widely used.

2,Classification of the carton

According to the paper quantitative, divided into three types: thin cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes, and corrugated paper box.

(1) Thin cardboard box
Thin cardboard box packaging mainly cakes, food, medicine, toothpaste, soap, underwear, footwear, stationery and utensils, candy, tobacco, etc.
Thin cardboard box has many styles,such as: a covered type, portable and stationary, two pages, open window, the lining, cartridge, sleeve, drawer, etc. In addition to a variety of regular polyhedrons and unequal folding boxes.
(2) Cardboard boxes
Cardboard box can’t fold, it is divided into two kinds: pasting box and fixedcarton.
Cardboard boxes has various styles, mainly include: One page binding type carton, composed of a piece of cardboard processing; Two pages binding type box; Set of cover type pasting box; Picture of cover type pasting box; Even the cover type pasting box; Circular pasting box; Lifted the lid below carton box body type.
Cardboard box can be used in a variety of decorative materials pasting into appearance of elegant packing box, packaging for gifts, souvenirs box of precious handicraft.
(3) Corrugated paper box
Corrugated carton has penetration type and box carton type.
Mainly used in ceramics, glass and glass products, such as coffee, drinks and other fragile products.



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