Folding carton and the lines of cardboard

                      1,The definition of the folding carton
     The thickness of the paper folding is between 0.3-1.1 mm of origami resistant plate.Less than 0.3 mm,folding carton manufactured by board can’t satisfy the requirements of stiffness; and more than 1.1 mm thick, cardboard generated by folding carton processing equipment is difficult to obtain satisfactory indentation.
    Paper folding choose resistance plate. Can be folded flat shape between shipping goods stacking for transportation and storage.
    Origami plate resistance commonly are: Manila, cardboard, white cardboard boxes, cardboard, linerboard, kraft paper, board, double-sided different color board, glass paper and other coated cardboard.

                            2,The lines of cardboard
The lines of cardboard means cardboard longitudinal which is mechanical direction.
With the vertical is cardboard transverse.Cardboard lines is generally perpendicular to the main line, is the longest indentation line among length, width and height.


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