Do you want to know the expond picture of packing box?

     Those who design product packaging often need to look for a large number of expond pictures of packaging design,in order to have their own references. Our website not only shows a lot of packing box of expond pictures, but also shows the 3D rendering. Thus Packmage CAD can facilitate users to understand the packing box better.

    Looking at the expond pictures alone,some structures of certain box types should be understood by spatial imagination or physical proofing. First, if the expended view cooperates with 3D, the display will be understood easily. Second, it’s not good enough to have the expond picture alone, the size of each product is different, you need to remake the structure with the expond picture based on the size of the product.

  Packmage CAD offers the convenience to the user. First, the user can view the expond picture and 3D rendering from the box template library. Thus you can quickly find the ideal packing structure, and then select the template and input main dimensions, get the expond picture you needed.Even if you need to add some additional things, it can be easily done.

    You can also get the cut line of the box, the total length of pressing line,paper utilization (software provided this function), thereby, to estimate the cost of the box type fast. Costs often determine whether you will finally choice this box or not.


     I will tell you how to use the lowest cost to use our software, and to create the biggest value. If you are an individual worker, or you often received some tasks or order of packaging design after the work , you can buy a single box type, it only need less than 20 dollars one year.


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