What are the considerations for packaging design?

Packaging design shall follow the principles of appropriate, reliable, beautiful and economic. Due to the wide variety of goods, different performance and various requirement , therefore, the problems in the product packaging design should be considered respectively. Generally, the following items should be paid attention to:

    1,The performance of the packaged product

      The performance of the packaged product: mainly includes the state , appearance, strength, weight, structure, value, risk of the product and so on.This is the first problem should be considered for packaging design.

1) State of product: Mainly includes solid, liquid, gas, mixing, etc., the different states may have the different container.

2) Product shape. Mainly has square, cylindrical, polygon, etc., the packing should design packaging according to the product shape, and should fulfill small volume, fixed and good storage stability, conform to standardization requirements.

3) Product strength: For low intensity and easily-damaged products, consider the protective performance of the packaging fully , and have obvious mark on the outside of the packaging.

4)Product weight: Heavy weight for a product, should pay special attention to the strength of the packaging, ensure that it is far away from being damaged during transportation.

5)Product structure: Different products, often structured differently. Some is not anti-pressure, some is fear of striking. Only have a full understanding of the structures of products,can you have the right packaging design.

6) Product value: Different products have different values. So you should consider mainly to high value.

7)  Product risk: For inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products, to ensure safety, due attention and specific mark should be printed outside the package.

2, The environment influence over products

       Products in the process of circulation, will encounter different environments, they will produce different influence on packing. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken.

1)The weather conditions. Mainly include air, temperature, humidity, rain and snow, and air, etc., which have different effects of different products. Thus different meteorological conditions should be taken into consideration respectively.

2)Loading and unloading conditions. In this condition, you should consider it is to be done by manual , machinery. And the numbers of loading and unloading.

3)Transport conditions. In the process of transportation, products will be subjected to shock, vibration, etc, and different means of transport have different impact on the packaging . Main products should be considered for fixing and buffering.

4) Storage conditions. Storage generally use stacking, packaging should examine its compressed strength. In addition, storage has indoor and outdoor storages, the former should notice moisture-proof, mould proof, waterproof, etc; The latter also should pay attention to guard against rain and snow, sun, wind, etc.

     3,The packing ways

     The choice of the packing ways is very important to protect product, only have a comprehensive understanding of product performance and flow conditions, develop several alternatives, and make economic evaluation, can you find the right packing ways.

1)Choose packaging materials. According to the product performance, to select the corresponding packaging materials, make packaging containers, choose the appropriate auxiliary packaging materials of packaging products at the same time.

 2) Select packing methods. According to the requirements of the strength of the product protection, mechanical loading and unloading and transportation, to choose appropriate packaging technology and packaging methods.

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