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8 Packaging design beginners are required to know— packaging design forms

   If you have learned three visual elements of packaging design, so how to make the reasonable arrangement of these elements, to have good visual effect? This tutorial will teach you the rules of the form and arrangement, when you try to arrange these elements.

1 Form rule

  Form in the package design should be arranged by the trademark, commodity packaging graphics, text, color such elements of the packaging display face.


    Good packaging design form, it is necessary to master the related form rules. There are a lot of form rules. In the following three aspects, i will explain the detailed rules for you of the packaging.

(1) The main body and the foil

    In picture design, name or image of the product usually as the main body, the other elements as foil. So that we can make the outstanding theme, primary and secondary, make the main information is easier to communicate.


(2) Symmetry and balance

    Symmetry refers to the left and right amount and shape, balance refers to the left and right sides equal and ranging form. Balance gives a person the sense of lively, symmetry gives a person the sense of smooth and solemn.



(3) Contrast and coordinating

    If there is no comparison in the composition of a picture, will appear drab routine; If there is no coordination, each element will appear in the picture. Below the first diagram, compared with red and green, and enhance the visual impact; Coordinate with yellow and black at the same time, and make the picture give people a feeling of unity.


    Tip: in addition to the above rules, composition should also follow the rigorous structure, changing rhythm , perfect order form such laws.



2 Arranging forms

    On the basis of these forms in accordance with the above rules, the packaging design appeared a variety of forms, these forms can be summarized as the following:

(1) The vertical arrangement

    The vertical arrangement of each element in the form of vertical, give a person the feeling of serious, tall and straight. It has a strong sense of rhythm and direction, in a form suitable for the long, high product appearance.


(2) The horizontal arrangement 

    All elements are arranged in the form of transverse horizontal, this form gives a person the feeling of quiet and stable.


    Note: this form is easy to give a person inflexible sense, so should seek changes in stability.

(3) Tilting from

    Each element from down to up or from left to right, in a uniform rhythm to form visual images. This form has a strong sense of direction and speed.


(4) Arc type

    This kind of packaging design is flexible, give a person the feeling of romance, smooth, stretch. The form includes round type, S line type, rotary, and so on.


(5) The scattered point arrangement

    Each element without strict format, but give a person a kind of sense of order. This kind of packaging design is free, bold and unrestrained, having strong space feeling .


    Note: if this form can not be handled properly, will give a person the sense of chaos.

(6) Center type

    The main performance elements placed in the center of the image, have stable vision, outstanding image effect. But this kind of packaging design can give a person the feeling of a kind of mechanical.


(7) Superimposed type

    Each element superimposed, make images rich stereo, have a sense of rhythm.


(8) Comprehensive type

    This kind of packaging design is to point to use a variety of patterns, give flexible impression to the person.


7 Packaging design beginners requirements —- elements in the packaging design

     We study the structure of the packaging design, next we are going to learn the packing decoration design. How to make the packing decoration design more elegant in place? This needs from three visual elements of packaging design: text, graphics, color.

1. Text

     Text in packaging design occupies a very important position, have the effect of conveying commodity information.


   Three text types of packaging design :

(1) Brand name

    Brand name text usually arranged on the main display of the packaging, generally identified, adornment is strong, bold font, in order to enhance visual impact.



(2) Data and instruction words

     Belong to law qualitative text captions, unified, standard should be adopted for the print. Distribution in the back of the packaging or side. The font should be clear, make consumers feel credibility.


(3) Advertising text

     In order to strengthen the promotion strength, can appear sometimes package some advertising text. This kind of words are used as the attributes of the goods or marketing text. Generally adopt flexible and varied font, such as advertising, variety, handwriting and so on.


     Note: the rich text expression can give consumers different psychological feelings. Such as bold, strong and bold style have fitted; Song typeface simple sedate, generous and elegant style, etc. Font design, should guarantee the form and content are unified. Medical supplies such as often use concise and simple font; Sporting goods use dynamic, have the font of movement; With a long history of traditional calligraphy font is chosen mostly goods to SMS, etc.



2. Graphics

    Graphics is a kind of important nonverbal elements of visual symbols, with the characteristics of a straightforward conveying information and playing an important role in selling goods.


    Graphics has the characteristics of visual and richness and vitality, cause psychological reactions of consumers on the vision, and guide the consumer purchase behavior.



    Graphic form is varied, but in general, can be divided into the following two kinds:

(1) The representational graphic
     Representational graphic table form of natural objects, is the meaning of the image creation, with honesty, description methods, let a person be clear at a glance, can understand what it expresses.


    Tip: This kind of form, the most can specifically illustrate the packing of the products, to emphasize product sense of reality. Representational graphic form, can adopt the method of photography and painting, make the image intuitive and artistic appeal.


(2) Abstract graphic forms

    Abstract graphics refers to use of point, line and change has indirect influence of graphics.


    Abstract graphic forms is free, rich and colorful. Someone from the technique as abstract graphics, occasional abstract graphics, abstract texture, computer aided design, etc.



    Mediocre packaging design can’t be attractive charm of the market many similar products , to attract consumer attention, must design distinct graphic personality.

3. Color

     The color of packaging design is one of the most active factors affecting vision, which can promote sales, set up the brand image, etc. Compared with the graphics, text and other elements is more visual impact.


     When determining the color of packaging design, first of all, should determine the overall tone of color in the packaging. Different colors can give a person the different imaginations of space. Warm color can let a person feel warm, for example, arouse people’s appetite, often used for children’s products, food, cosmetics packaging, etc.


    Cool colors are cold hard, relaxed feeling. Commonly used in frozen food, health supplies, medicine packaging, etc.



     Second, we should pay attention to colorific contrast relation, improve the visual cognition of color in packaging design.


    Finally, to harmonize and unify, make images to achieve harmony and rich color effect.


6, Packaging design beginners required —- vessels modeling design

     As we have learned a lot knowledge about packaging design,this tutorial will give you a little knowledge of the packaging design: vessel modeling design. In the social life, in order to meet the demands of living or working, all kinds of vessels are produced. Vessels modeling design should not only have practical, but also should have the aesthetic feeling to the person.

6 --1

1. Basic requirements of the vessel modeling design

     Vessels are for holding items or as a decoration of the floorboard of the object. Vessels can be made of different materials, and made into various shapes, in order to meet different needs.


    Successful ware design should follow certain rules and requirements, can be summarized as the following aspects:

(1) Function requirements

    Primary function is accommodate and protection functions. Ensure that content from being damaged in the process of handling and using, there will not be any leaks or leakage.


(2) Economic function
   Vessel design must understand the characteristics of the technological process and requirements, make design for process, thus reducing the economic cost. 

    Tip: packaging materials match to the sales price , with reasonable design to reduce damage in production, circulation and waste.


(3) Aesthetic requirements

   Vessel design on the basis of the function to meet, should fully show the aesthetic feeling of modeling.




2 The vessels design method of modeling

    Vessel design is a space art, the method can be summarized as the following six kinds:

(1) Line method

    This method refers to the designer to use all kinds of lines on the paper designed a method to vessels. Design ware line is adopted by the different modeling, give a person different feeling.

    Tip: lines can be roughly divided into hard and soft. Hard line including vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, etc.; Soft line including curves, arcs, etc.




(2) Sculpture method

    First determine a basic form, and then the body is combined or cut in a variety of forms, form the expected effect of modeling. Sculpture method can be divided into integral sculptures and local sculpture. The first picture below, for example, adopted the method of local sculpture, bottle cap is carved stone sculpture, decorate the exterior of the vessel, both can do cap again.


(3) Simulation method

    The structure of the vessel form imitate directly to an animal or person, in order to highlight the characteristics of products to attract consumers, this is a kind of visualization simulation design. The first picture below, for example, the use of special shape, highlighted the commodity is the feature of dairy products.


(4)Light and shade method

     Light and shade can be used to make objects have stereo feeling. By increasing the number of vessels form above, highlight the vessels of refraction effect and shadow effect. Under the first picture, for example, glittering and translucent and transparent body was covered with neat bump squares, output of the shadow of the different depth, give a person a kind of feeling of corrugated.


(5)The method of texture

    Texture refers to as a result of material preparation, organization and structure, make the person produce different feeling of tactile and visual sense. For example, we often say the concave and convex, sculpture, corrosion, sandblasting, etc.


    Under the first picture, for example, use ground glass and electrochemical aluminum two different skin textures as a bottle, make vessels without smooth and glossy surface formed bright contrast. Note: texture method must be to achieve a contrast, make modeling have more features.



(6) Inlaying

    In vessel modeling design, the different material combinations in a body, we call it the Mosaic method. This method can cover up and make up material defect in processing.

    Tip: now see mosaic design between a metal and metal mosaic, mosaic between plastic and plastic, metal and glass mosaic, between the plastic and glass mosaic, etc.


5, packaging design beginners require — packaging and printing process

Exquisite packaging can not separate from the packaging printing, packaging and printing is to increase the added value of products, enhance product competitiveness, expand the market’s important means and ways. Designers should understand the necessary knowledge of packaging and printing process, make the design of packaging products more functional and beautiful.

 1. The printing process 

Before packaging molding, need to work a series of orderly printing:

packaging process 1
In order to improve the printing quality and production efficiency, before printing, should pay attention to the design draft for extra content; whether text and line is complete; Check the registering line, color code, and various printing and cutting is complete with lines, etc. Only in this way, can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the smooth completion of the printing.

packaging process 2

Different packaging materials have different printing processes, because the paper packaging materials is the most widely used in real life, so the paper packaging printing process, for example,related knowledge of the printing process.

2. Paper packaging and printing process
2.1. Printing ways
There are many kinds of ways of printing, paper printing method, the methods are different, the operations are also different, the effects of the print are different also. Using traditional printing method is mainly divided into the following four categories:

(1) The letterpress printing
Letterpress printing refers to the graphic part is higher than the plate on the graphic part, on the ink roller ink can only be transferred to the graphic part of the plate, rather than by part no ink, so as to complete printing.

p p 3

All printed paper back imprint slightly convex, neat edges, lines or branch and ink appear pale in the central part, are the letterpress printing.

p p 4
(2) Intaglio printing

In contrast to the letterpress printing, graphic part below the graphic part of the plate, forming a groove shape. Ink cover only in the slots, plate surface without ink, paper will cover in the upper plate, plate and paper by pressure, will ink on plate under the concave part of the transfer to the paper.

pp 5

Gravure printing products, has the ink layer thick, bright color, and plate has a high rate of resistance to print, stable print quality and fast printing speed, so has been widely applied in practice.

pp 6

(3) Lithographic printing
The graphic part of lithographic printing plate and the graphic part surface is flat, graphic part covered a layer of rich oil film of grease, rather than by part absorb appropriate moisture. When inking, graphic part repel water and ink absorption, the graphic part formed by absorbed moisture resistant ink.

pp 7

The print has a line or network center part of the ink is thicker, the edge crooked, poor color reproduction function, lack of brilliance.

p p 8

Tip: because of the lithography method in the work is simple, low cost, so now is the most used method.

(4) Screen printing
Screen printing refers to the scraper extrusion, the ink from the graphic part of the mesh leaking into the substrates, rather than by part of the wire net holes blocked, printing ink can’t leak to the substrates, thus finish printing.

pp 9
Its print is rich and simple, stereo sense is strong, and this kind of printing method don’t have many requirements of substrates materials, so widely used in various kinds of packaging materials.

pp 10

Tip: silk screen printing also can undertake large area printing, printing products the biggest can reach 3 m * 4 m, even larger.

2.2. Packaging and printing process

There are a lot of printing paper packaging and printing process, the following is going to introduce several common printing processes:

(1) Hot stamping process

Stamping process expression is that it required hot stamping or hot silver pattern to making into convex type version of the heating, and then placed on the print color for the aluminum foil paper, pressure, make the aluminum foil is attached to the printing.

pp 11

Tip: hot stamping paper material points a lot of kinds, including gold, silver, laser laser gold or silver, black, red, green and so mang types.

(2) Laminating process
The effect of laminating process is a kind of surface processing technology after printing, refers to the surface with laminating machine in print covering a layer of transparent plastic film formed by a product processing technology.

p p 12

Tip: after coated printing, the surface will be more smooth and shining, pollution resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance.

(3) The concave-convex embossing process

This process is a bigger pressure, using the letterpress put has been printed on the semi-finished products of local logo or rolling pressure into concave and convex, 3D graphic.

p p 13

Note: concave-convex embossing process used in the finishing of print and paper container, except for packaging cartons, and also applied in the bottle to sign, the trademarks, books binding, calendar, greeting cards, and other products in the printing.
(4) UV anti-metal etching printing

UV anti-metal etching printing, printing and grinding sand or sand is in substrates with metal mirror luster, such as gold, silver cardboard) on a layer of uneven translucent ink, after ultraviolet (UV) curing, produce like polished metal surface after etching or frosted effect.

pp 14

Note: the UV resistant metal etching ink produces suede and inferior smooth effect, can make the print appears downy and solemn, elegant and showily. In addition to the above introduced several kinds of printing, paper packaging and printing process include refraction, die-cutting indentation, water ink, plastic, ice and scratch silver printing process.

pp 15

Other printing process of packaging materials and paper products printing process, although there are many similarities, but also they have different characteristics, will no longer be introduced here.

pp 1+6

4 Packaging design beginners required — packaging structure design

After packaging materials selection, the following should be rational and scientific packaging structure, to ensure that the product is in good condition during the process of transporting and storing.

Among many packaging materials, paper and cardboard as the packaging material not only has a long history, but also occupies a considerable proportion. So this tutorial sett structural design as an example, illustrates the paper packaging structure design knowledge for everyone.


According to different purposes and modelings, the structure of paper can be summarized as the following four aspects: box packaging structure, carton packaging structure, paper bags structure and paper cup packaging structure.

1. Carton packaging structures

Carton packaging structure can be divided into folding carton structure design and paste carton structure design.

1.1. Folding carton structure design

Folding carton can be high efficiency, convenient sales and carrying, enjoyable, low production cost, and can be folded before using and reduce stacked and packaging, warehousing and transportation costs, so widely used in packaging. 4-2      Folding carton can be divided into straight type and tray type. Straight type refers to the box body is vertical,such as wine, cosmetics, medicines are suitable for vertical bottle packaging. 4-3

Tray box used widely in the supermarket, from food to textiles, to groceries.


Note: folding carton generally do not need to glue, but using cardboard to meet each other or using lock method, make the carton forming and sealing.

1.2. Paste box structure design

Paste paste box is also called the carton box, it has the strength and the appearance of beautiful, better than general folding boxes, give a person a kind of advanced rare feeling, often used in high-grade goods and gift packaging. 4-5      Paste box has a lot of types, can be summarized as the following

1.2.1 Shake cover box

This structure refers to putting the cover body and the box body together, one side of the cover body is fixed and shaking and opening the other side of the folding carton. 4-6      Due to the roll cover box has simple structure, and it is convenient to open, so in the carton packaging design, often use this structure. 4-7 1.2.2 Window box

Window box is opened on the surface of the box, form a transparent state, can make consumers see part or all of the built-in objects. 4-8

The window opening size or location can be decided according to the commodity characteristics and image design, make its scientific, reasonable, beautiful and so on. 4-9

1.2.3 Display box

Display box is also called “POP” box, for advertising display, can fully show the packing morphology.

4-10      Display packaging forms can be divided into two categories: one kind is not with cover, can open display; The other kind is with cover, can be opened when sales, closed when transportation. 4-11 1.2.4 Carrier type

The greatest characteristic of the carrier type is convenient to carry, also can be portable packing box. This kind of model structure are equipped with a handle on the box body. 4-12

The carrier can be added or using the extension parts of cover and side , and then lock each other. 4-13 1.2.5 Sealed type

The characteristics of the paste box is fully enclosed, on security, ease of use have very good functions. Enclosed carton mainly adopts the open line tear open or straws inserted into the holes, mostly used in drinking such disposable packing. 4-14 1.2.6 Drawer type

Drawer is also called puller. Because the form is a double structure with pulling form, thus has the characteristics of strong, thick, easy to use. 4-15 1.2.7 Combined type

Combined packing box refers to the number of related product mix together form a complete set of packaging, or the number of the same product packed together. 4-16      Carton packaging structure in addition to the above several forms, there are variants, the lid and box body not connected casing box, etc..

2.The box packaging structure

      Box is a little different from carton, the packaging is mainly used in reserves and transport. Box design is very strict for the standardization of structure, because it directly affects the neatly placed on freight yard, shelves, effective use of volume and the reasonable transport of the container. 4-17      Note: carton common structure types have slot type, half open slot type and wrapping package type. In the process of transportation, should avoid pincer-like device problem such as craze, waist drum, combined with the damaged parts.

3, Paper bags packaging structure

The main purpose of paper bags is convenient for customers to carry and propaganda enterprise products. The choice of image is to highlight the brand image for the purpose, emphasis on product brand publicity. 4-18     Note: packaging design on the selection of materials, generally use the finished lower cardboard and plastic products.

4,Paper cups packaging structure

     Paper cups are used for containing food, beverage and other products, according to different standards can be divided into different kinds. Generally can be divided into: without cover paper cups, with a cover paper cups, with a handle paper cup and without handle paper cups , etc. 4-19

3, Packaging design beginners required — packaging applications

We know what is packing now, then we learn how to use the packaging. Different kinds of goods, in the application of packaging, pay attention to different problems and design thinking.

p application 1

Good packaging design can not only attract people’s attention, but also should make people quickly identify the types of commodities, make the commodity information more accurate and make communication more direct .
                             1. Food packaging design

In food packaging, should pay attention to the performance of text and graphics.
Writing should be concise and vivid, easy to remember, easy to read; Graphics generally use food itself as the main image, make the product information more intuitive.

p yong 2

Different ages of consumer groups are having different requirements of food packaging. Children’s food packaging, for example, consideration should be given to the children’s psychology, use lively and novel font, as well as the image of children’s favorite, such as the lovely animals, cartoon characters, etc.

p yong 3

Food packaging should also fully consider the taste, that cause the consumer’s appetite. For example, different colors can give a person different senses of taste feeling. Bitter feeling of dark brown; Sweet feeling of red; Delicious of yellow; Sweet and sour of fresh green.

p yong 4

In addition to the color, the shape and the material of the packing also affect the taste. Such as vegetables and seafood using transparent and translucent packaging, giving people fresh impression.

p yong 5

                               2.Tea packaging design
Tea packaging has a very strong requirement for culture. China’s long culture became the creative source of tea packing design. Such as the forms of Chinese painting, poetry, calligraphy, etc., expressed the flavor of tea and the refined artistic conception.

p yong 6

Different tea type, its color, aroma and taste is also different. Such as clear fresh green tea , strong pure black tea, fragrant flavor flower tea, full-bodied peaceful oolong tea , etc. So, as for packaging design, grasp these features accurately to reflect the product characteristics better.

p yong 7
Tea of famous producing area or tea of strong regional characteristics, can use the technique of outstanding local characteristics in design. “Yunnan pu-erh tea” produced in Yunnan, for example, using Yunnan local scenery as visual design elements in packaging, expressed a strong local characteristics.

p yong 8

                            3.The wine packaging design
Wine packaging design has a strong regional and cultural character. Such as Chinese liquor using Chinese porcelain as packaging materials, highlighted the Chinese characteristics.

p yong 9

Tip: the variety of wine, such as Chinese liquor, Russian, vodka, Japanese sake and fruit wine, and western whisky and wine

A good wine packaging should adopt different materials and artistic techniques, so as to highlight the characteristics of the temperament and the grade of the wine itself, to attract consumers successfully.

p yong 10

                             4.The cosmetics packaging design
Cosmetics is a kind of product that are always following the fashion trends, so the design of packaging should emphasize its fashion and personality.

p yong 11

Note: cosmetics according to different purposes can be divided into beauty cosmetics, such as perfume, color makeup, creams, etc.; And clean cosmetics, such as shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, etc.

Cosmetics packaging design is often influenced by brand positioning, sales selling point, target customers. As for the same product — perfume, for women should be with tonal and downy pink dream full line ; And for men should be given priority to with dark gray and the structure of the sharp edges.

p yong 12

In the cosmetics packaging design, no-decoration design style is very outstanding. This kind of style to keep simple better than complex, practical is better than the beautiful principle, the packaging is not luxury, not fancy, only the simple text symbols as the main design elements.

p yong 13

                                5.Electronic product packaging design
Electronic products belongs to technology-intensive products, unable to bear external shocks, afraid of damp, afraid of electrostatic and high temperature, etc.. Thus, in this kind of packaging design, should pay special attention to these problems.

p yong 14

Tip: electronic product packaging design should consider the cushion and antistatic design.

When design electronic product packaging, to embody the sense of electronics technology, fashion sense and young feeling. Text, color and graphics should have strong contemporary feeling and visual impact.

p yong 15

Packaging colors of electronic product often use green, black, gray as key colors, reflects the masculinity and sense of science and technology.

p yong 16
                                6. Pharmaceutical products packaging design
Pharmaceutical products packaging design has the dual nature of drugs and goods. This decided the scientific principles of medicine packaging design. In the packaging design, attention should be paid to its security, security, and normative.

p yong 16
At the same time, drug packaging should be designed according to characteristics of medicinal drugs themselves. The treatment of cardiovascular drugs, for example, should avoid using red, because red can increase heart pressure make the pace of a pulse speed, cause vascular expansion, lead to increased blood pressure.

p yong 18
                                   7. Gift packaging design
Gift packaging design is for respect, love,care and celebrations. So the gift packaging is more particular about materials, structure,s decorations and so on than other packagings.

p yong 19

Gift packaging design is no longer blindly pursue luxuriant, the excessive packing of luxury, but showed a variety of styles. From the elegant to the contracted and lively; From the romantic warmth to simple but elegant simplicity, etc.

p yong 20

Different nationalities, different environments created different cultures, so that the gift packaging gradually formed colorful and distinctive cultural style and artistic style.

p yong 21

2 , Packaging design beginners are required to read— packaging materials

Packaging material is the material basis of commodity packaging, plays an important role. According to the different standards, the packaging material can be divided into different types. This tutorial will introduce the different packaging materials according to the classification of the materials. Hope to help people have more comprehensive understanding of packaging.

know pack 8

1,The wooden packaging material
Wooden materials are widely used, this is because the wood has a wide distribution, is a light and high strength material, has certain elasticity, can withstand the impulse and vibration, and it is easy for processing, etc.

know pack 9
However, the organizational structure of the wooden packaging material is uneven, vulnerable to the influence of the environment and is easy to deform, and has the disadvantages such as easy to decay and flammable.

know pack 10

 Note: the above shortcomings can be eliminated or reduced through proper treatments.

2, Paper materials
Paper materials occupy the position of the first material in packaging material, this is because paper has a unique advantage. Paper has not only easy to do mass production, but also has the advantage of low price. At the same time, it also can be recycled, no environmental pollution.

know pack 11

   Paper has certain elasticity and folding performance is also very good , with good printing performance, handwriting, design clear and firm. Therefore, the paper material get more and more attention.

know pack 12
 Paper can be classified according to different standards.

     In the following. According to different features of the paper, paper can be divided into two categories, functional protective wrapping paper and packaging decoration paper. Functional protective wrapping paper, such as tenacity strong kraft paper, corrugated paper, transparent cellophane,sulfuric acid paper and so on.

know pack 13

 Packaging decoration paper, is a kind of paper that is suitable for printing. Such as coated paper has high smoothness and whiteness, widely used in the packaging of goods, such as senior candy packaging, food, cigarettes and others for daily use.

know pack 14

 In addition to the coated paper, packaging decoration paper also include offset paper and adhesive paper, etc., here will not do too much explanation.

3, Plastic packaging material

 Plastic packaging refers to all kinds of plastic as the raw material for packaging.

know pack 15

 Plastic packaging materials which has good transparency, light weight, easy forming, good waterproof performance, can ensure that packaging is health, etc.

know pack 16

However, plastic packaging materials are easily electrostatic, poor permeability, high cost of recycling, waste management difficult, easy to cause pollution to the environment.

know pack 17

  Note: some plastic material containing toxic additives, when do the application, you should take necessary measures to reduce or avoid the damage.
4, Metal packaging materials
 Metal packaging refers to packaging containers made from a variety of black sheet metal, tin, such as steel and steel plates, and aluminum foil, aluminum alloy. Such as metal barrels, metal boxes, cans.

know pack 18

Metal container from the temporary storage of built-in objects evolved into today’s food cans, beverage container, etc., has gradually become the means of long-term preservation built-in objects.

know pack 19

  Metal packaging material not only has high strength, and is easy to store, carry, transport , but also has good resistance, moisture resistance, suitable for food, drink, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other packagings.

know pack 20

At the same time, the metal materials with special metallic luster, easy for printing decoration, is advantageous for the appearance of commodity packaging design.

know pack 21

Note: metal materials is with low chemical stability, easy to rust, even a small amount of metal materials are likely to affect the quality of the food.

5, Glass Packing material
 Glass packaging material with good chemical stability, can guarantee the purity of food and health, and has airtight, easy to seal, flexible modeling, colorful crystal adornment effect, so has been widely used.

know pack 22

Note: the glass has low resistance to impact, high energy consumption of glass melting such shortcomings.

    There are many different kinds of glass packaging container, and according to different standards, the classification is also different. According to the color can be divided into colorless and transparent, colored and opaque cloudy glass bottle; According to the purpose can be divided into food packaging bottle, beverage bottle, wine bottle, etc.

know pack 23

6, Ceramic packaging materials
Ceramic packaging refers to all kinds of plastic as the raw material of packaging. Ceramic according to different materials can be divided into coarse pottery, pottery and porcelain, stoneware.

know pack 24

Ceramic packing material has high hardness, and has corrosion resistance performance to high temperature, water and other chemical mediums. Different prices have different requirements on the performance of the ceramic commodity packaging for ceramics,as for senior drinking wine Maotai, packaging requirements are higher.

know pack 25

Tip: ceramic packaging material is fragile, and recycling cost is high such disadvantages.

The Origin and Development of Packaging Design

With the improvement of productivity, the progress of science and technology and the development of culture and art, packaging has experienced a long evolution process. The following summarizes the four different stages of development of packaging design.

(1)Primitive packing
During this period ,packaging material is mainly adopted by using plants and animals or fur such natural materials, such as shells, leaves. The following diagram, using bamboo, plant leaf packaging items, give a person a kind of natural guileless.


Tip: packing of this phase is not a real one, but is the germination of packaging.

(2) Packaging in ancient time
During this period, people began to imitate the shape of natural objects by hand , using plants branches to woven basket, mat and other packaging items. Ceramics are also beginning to apply in the field of packaging, such as Chinese traditional wine packaging, use porcelain JiuTan collocation bright red label, formed a characteristic.


      Tip: during this period, packaging has adopted the transparent, breathable, moisture and other technologies.

(3)The modern packaging period
With the development of industrial technology, packaging has entered a new stage of development. The artificial material is came into being in packaging materials such as plastic, glass, steel, etc. Packaging of this period, paid more attention to visual aesthetic feeling.Thus ,there were rich design forms.


(4)The period of modern packaging
Packaging materials and containers have been further developed during this period. The emergence of the brand and corporate identification system, make the packaging design is no longer isolated in the traditional sense, but an important part of the enterprise promotion plan. This period appeared a serials of packaging design, in the design should not only to ensure unity of the visual image, but also to keep certain changes in space.


(5)The post-modern packaging design
The characteristics of the packaging design during this period, mainly embodies two aspects:

       On the one hand is to design the local characteristics, mainly shown in national culture’s personality. Japanese packaging design made a full use of their national symbols and a large number of calligraphy, regional characteristic is very strong.

On the other hand, make design is the humanization design, the main body, around people’s thoughts, emotions, personalities, and demands for function to re-examine, restructure, redefine and to make it more humane significance. For consumers, humanized designs are more “friendly” and “kind”.


Packaging Design Beginners’ Requirements

 1— To know packaging

 In daily life, we often come into contact with all sorts of goods. Observe the packaging of goods is the beginning of knowing commodity. That means, the stand or fall of in the process of product sales, packaging design plays a vital role. This tutorial introduced the knowledge about packaging design, first of all, — what is packing.

(1) The concept of packing
Protect products in the process of circulation, not only convenient for storage and transportation, but also good for promoting sales.

know pack 1
At the same time, packing is also the overall name refers to use the container , materials and AIDS in a certain technical method

know pack 2
(2) The functions of packaging
Packaging has become an important part of the product, has important function in the product, can be divided into the following three aspects:

protection function
Protection function is the most basic function of packaging. Protection function can protect the goods in transit, not easy to cause loss in quality and quantity;

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At the same time, the packaging can also help prevent external environment from damaging packing materials. Packaging of lining and the design of the diaphragm, for example, is to prevent some vulnerable items is shaken and extrusion in the process of circulation.

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Convenience function
Packaging can have the convenience function. Scientific packaging is more conducive to use. Some of the food packaging, for example, to facilitate the open and add the sawtooth design.

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      Good packing also considers whether it is facilitating people to transport or use space effectively. Whether it is reasonable to arrange commodity packaging, convenient split, assembly, etc.

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The function of improving the overall image
Packaging can increase the overall image of the goods, can directly stimulate the consumers’ desire to buy, make it produce purchasing behavior; Also played a propaganda effect to promote sales.

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The future of packaging design

      Mentioned the packaging design in the future, a lot of people have positive attitudes. Indeed, the development trend of packaging design must be a good thing, with the progress of the society, people’s demand for commodities not only embodied in the commodity function itself, also reflected in the packaging design and other aspects. But the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the competition of packaging design is also growing.

Since reform and open up for more than 30 years, the packaging has realized the rapid development of our country, according to incomplete statistics, China’s packaging industry in 2008 has reached 860 billion yuan. In food packaging, for example, the 2009 Asian packaged food sales reached 132 million tons. With the high-speed growth of domestic food processing and expansion of the growing middle class, food consumer claims are also growing, quality and hygiene requirements are also improved.

The huge market opportunities are destined to have too many competitors, enterprises should improve their profitability by implementing brand strategy, differentiating themselves. Packaging industry is closely related to various sectors of industry, at present, China’s packaging industry is having more and more complete varieties, categories, and also has a group of world class packaging leading enterprises, so the development of packaging enterprises to achieve breakthrough, the key depends on packaging enterprise technical innovation strength and level of ascension, in addition to research and development of packaging materials, development of large complete sets of equipment manufacturing, widely green packaging, the packaging design has become an important link that cannot be ignored.

At first glance, the packaging materials on the market is multifarious, and the design of all kinds of goods also vary widely. Health care products, for example, all kinds of cosmetics packaging are everywhere that is carefully designed, this also wants to lead consumers to easily see its appearance, and less care for its internal components.

Excessive packaging, in the final analysis is marketing, and the future trend of packaging design, will be the stage of “emphasis on green environmental protection”. So, how to grasp the trend of the future packaging design? When it comes to packaging design, it includes the many concepts,culture, convenient to carry, and so on.

Here mainly talk about the following points: one is the sustainable packaging design; one is the safety packaging design; one is the personalized design; another is security design.

1, individualization.

Personalized packaging design is a kind of design method involved extensive and influential, both have great relevance and influence for corporate image and product itself and social effect. The shape of packaging image and performance to the natural and lively modeling of humanity, organic development, giving the packing personality quality, unique style to attract consumers. The design must be systematic thinking, the analysis of the actual situation for different angles and position, all kinds of factors should be considered. Such barrel shape of “barrels of wine”, the use of local folk opera masks goalkeeper modeling of “peace”, use smile because of “smile”… Bionic design individuation, such as its novel design , distinct personality, visual effect is very strong! In a wide variety of commodity packaging shelves is easy to cause the consumer’s interest, accepted by consumers.

2, Sustainability.

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, modern packaging put forward the concept of green design will also continue to continuation of the 80 s and 90 s of the 20th century in a long period of time. The rapid development of economy, speed up the damage to the natural ecological environment; The improvement of people’s living standards, a variety of solid packaging waste increased with people’s increasing demand for commodities. Environment problem is increasingly prominent, people are committed to research new packing materials and environmental protection design method to reduce solid waste with environmental problems. Innovation in packaging materials like: used for heat insulation, shock proof and easy rotten pulp molding packaging materials; On the design to reduce the material used for packaging, the latter is not easy to decompose, try to use light quality, small volume, easy to crush, easy separation materials.

3, Security.

According to people’s understanding of packaging, security may be one of the most basic requirements of packaging, one of the earliest origin is also for the protection of inner content packaging, such as simple buffer material leaves, straw, etc. In pharmaceutical packaging, for example, foreign drugs packaging attaches great importance to children’s safety, so in drug design, packaging design will often consider the impact on children’s safety. Company recently developed a kind of “pieces” of drug packaging, the packaging on the box open mode tangent, open cartons need certain strength, so it is very easy to open the way for adults, but there is a great difficulty for children, thus effectively avoid mistaking by children. Because of this, once opened the box, it is difficult to restore, so to a certain extent, have played an important role of guard against theft, truly integrating protection and security.

4, Anti-counterfeiting.

The rapid development of modern science and technology , general anti-counterfeiting technology for counterfeiters have produced no effect.Strengthen the visual effects of packaging design and strengthen the packaging printing industry technology have become a powerful weapon in the rights action. We can adopt special texture in the packaging design for paint and packing paper, specific technology such as holographic image, quality goods inspection seal, bas-relief embossing and so on to have a certain effect, make the fake and inferior commodities due to the high cost of replication or effect is not realistic, retreat.

The innovation methods of packaging design, of high and new technology combining the printing industry, scientific and technological achievements to pursue the penetrating original and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future.

As a young people in a new era, under more social responsibilities, they are the main part of consumers, the social pillar, that will determine the future packaging design market.