The future of packaging design

      Mentioned the packaging design in the future, a lot of people have positive attitudes. Indeed, the development trend of packaging design must be a good thing, with the progress of the society, people’s demand for commodities not only embodied in the commodity function itself, also reflected in the packaging design and other aspects. But the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the competition of packaging design is also growing.

Since reform and open up for more than 30 years, the packaging has realized the rapid development of our country, according to incomplete statistics, China’s packaging industry in 2008 has reached 860 billion yuan. In food packaging, for example, the 2009 Asian packaged food sales reached 132 million tons. With the high-speed growth of domestic food processing and expansion of the growing middle class, food consumer claims are also growing, quality and hygiene requirements are also improved.

The huge market opportunities are destined to have too many competitors, enterprises should improve their profitability by implementing brand strategy, differentiating themselves. Packaging industry is closely related to various sectors of industry, at present, China’s packaging industry is having more and more complete varieties, categories, and also has a group of world class packaging leading enterprises, so the development of packaging enterprises to achieve breakthrough, the key depends on packaging enterprise technical innovation strength and level of ascension, in addition to research and development of packaging materials, development of large complete sets of equipment manufacturing, widely green packaging, the packaging design has become an important link that cannot be ignored.

At first glance, the packaging materials on the market is multifarious, and the design of all kinds of goods also vary widely. Health care products, for example, all kinds of cosmetics packaging are everywhere that is carefully designed, this also wants to lead consumers to easily see its appearance, and less care for its internal components.

Excessive packaging, in the final analysis is marketing, and the future trend of packaging design, will be the stage of “emphasis on green environmental protection”. So, how to grasp the trend of the future packaging design? When it comes to packaging design, it includes the many concepts,culture, convenient to carry, and so on.

Here mainly talk about the following points: one is the sustainable packaging design; one is the safety packaging design; one is the personalized design; another is security design.

1, individualization.

Personalized packaging design is a kind of design method involved extensive and influential, both have great relevance and influence for corporate image and product itself and social effect. The shape of packaging image and performance to the natural and lively modeling of humanity, organic development, giving the packing personality quality, unique style to attract consumers. The design must be systematic thinking, the analysis of the actual situation for different angles and position, all kinds of factors should be considered. Such barrel shape of “barrels of wine”, the use of local folk opera masks goalkeeper modeling of “peace”, use smile because of “smile”… Bionic design individuation, such as its novel design , distinct personality, visual effect is very strong! In a wide variety of commodity packaging shelves is easy to cause the consumer’s interest, accepted by consumers.

2, Sustainability.

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, modern packaging put forward the concept of green design will also continue to continuation of the 80 s and 90 s of the 20th century in a long period of time. The rapid development of economy, speed up the damage to the natural ecological environment; The improvement of people’s living standards, a variety of solid packaging waste increased with people’s increasing demand for commodities. Environment problem is increasingly prominent, people are committed to research new packing materials and environmental protection design method to reduce solid waste with environmental problems. Innovation in packaging materials like: used for heat insulation, shock proof and easy rotten pulp molding packaging materials; On the design to reduce the material used for packaging, the latter is not easy to decompose, try to use light quality, small volume, easy to crush, easy separation materials.

3, Security.

According to people’s understanding of packaging, security may be one of the most basic requirements of packaging, one of the earliest origin is also for the protection of inner content packaging, such as simple buffer material leaves, straw, etc. In pharmaceutical packaging, for example, foreign drugs packaging attaches great importance to children’s safety, so in drug design, packaging design will often consider the impact on children’s safety. Company recently developed a kind of “pieces” of drug packaging, the packaging on the box open mode tangent, open cartons need certain strength, so it is very easy to open the way for adults, but there is a great difficulty for children, thus effectively avoid mistaking by children. Because of this, once opened the box, it is difficult to restore, so to a certain extent, have played an important role of guard against theft, truly integrating protection and security.

4, Anti-counterfeiting.

The rapid development of modern science and technology , general anti-counterfeiting technology for counterfeiters have produced no effect.Strengthen the visual effects of packaging design and strengthen the packaging printing industry technology have become a powerful weapon in the rights action. We can adopt special texture in the packaging design for paint and packing paper, specific technology such as holographic image, quality goods inspection seal, bas-relief embossing and so on to have a certain effect, make the fake and inferior commodities due to the high cost of replication or effect is not realistic, retreat.

The innovation methods of packaging design, of high and new technology combining the printing industry, scientific and technological achievements to pursue the penetrating original and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future.

As a young people in a new era, under more social responsibilities, they are the main part of consumers, the social pillar, that will determine the future packaging design market.

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