The Origin and Development of Packaging Design

With the improvement of productivity, the progress of science and technology and the development of culture and art, packaging has experienced a long evolution process. The following summarizes the four different stages of development of packaging design.

(1)Primitive packing
During this period ,packaging material is mainly adopted by using plants and animals or fur such natural materials, such as shells, leaves. The following diagram, using bamboo, plant leaf packaging items, give a person a kind of natural guileless.


Tip: packing of this phase is not a real one, but is the germination of packaging.

(2) Packaging in ancient time
During this period, people began to imitate the shape of natural objects by hand , using plants branches to woven basket, mat and other packaging items. Ceramics are also beginning to apply in the field of packaging, such as Chinese traditional wine packaging, use porcelain JiuTan collocation bright red label, formed a characteristic.


      Tip: during this period, packaging has adopted the transparent, breathable, moisture and other technologies.

(3)The modern packaging period
With the development of industrial technology, packaging has entered a new stage of development. The artificial material is came into being in packaging materials such as plastic, glass, steel, etc. Packaging of this period, paid more attention to visual aesthetic feeling.Thus ,there were rich design forms.


(4)The period of modern packaging
Packaging materials and containers have been further developed during this period. The emergence of the brand and corporate identification system, make the packaging design is no longer isolated in the traditional sense, but an important part of the enterprise promotion plan. This period appeared a serials of packaging design, in the design should not only to ensure unity of the visual image, but also to keep certain changes in space.


(5)The post-modern packaging design
The characteristics of the packaging design during this period, mainly embodies two aspects:

       On the one hand is to design the local characteristics, mainly shown in national culture’s personality. Japanese packaging design made a full use of their national symbols and a large number of calligraphy, regional characteristic is very strong.

On the other hand, make design is the humanization design, the main body, around people’s thoughts, emotions, personalities, and demands for function to re-examine, restructure, redefine and to make it more humane significance. For consumers, humanized designs are more “friendly” and “kind”.



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