2 , Packaging design beginners are required to read— packaging materials

Packaging material is the material basis of commodity packaging, plays an important role. According to the different standards, the packaging material can be divided into different types. This tutorial will introduce the different packaging materials according to the classification of the materials. Hope to help people have more comprehensive understanding of packaging.

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1,The wooden packaging material
Wooden materials are widely used, this is because the wood has a wide distribution, is a light and high strength material, has certain elasticity, can withstand the impulse and vibration, and it is easy for processing, etc.

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However, the organizational structure of the wooden packaging material is uneven, vulnerable to the influence of the environment and is easy to deform, and has the disadvantages such as easy to decay and flammable.

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 Note: the above shortcomings can be eliminated or reduced through proper treatments.

2, Paper materials
Paper materials occupy the position of the first material in packaging material, this is because paper has a unique advantage. Paper has not only easy to do mass production, but also has the advantage of low price. At the same time, it also can be recycled, no environmental pollution.

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   Paper has certain elasticity and folding performance is also very good , with good printing performance, handwriting, design clear and firm. Therefore, the paper material get more and more attention.

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 Paper can be classified according to different standards.

     In the following. According to different features of the paper, paper can be divided into two categories, functional protective wrapping paper and packaging decoration paper. Functional protective wrapping paper, such as tenacity strong kraft paper, corrugated paper, transparent cellophane,sulfuric acid paper and so on.

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 Packaging decoration paper, is a kind of paper that is suitable for printing. Such as coated paper has high smoothness and whiteness, widely used in the packaging of goods, such as senior candy packaging, food, cigarettes and others for daily use.

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 In addition to the coated paper, packaging decoration paper also include offset paper and adhesive paper, etc., here will not do too much explanation.

3, Plastic packaging material

 Plastic packaging refers to all kinds of plastic as the raw material for packaging.

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 Plastic packaging materials which has good transparency, light weight, easy forming, good waterproof performance, can ensure that packaging is health, etc.

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However, plastic packaging materials are easily electrostatic, poor permeability, high cost of recycling, waste management difficult, easy to cause pollution to the environment.

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  Note: some plastic material containing toxic additives, when do the application, you should take necessary measures to reduce or avoid the damage.
4, Metal packaging materials
 Metal packaging refers to packaging containers made from a variety of black sheet metal, tin, such as steel and steel plates, and aluminum foil, aluminum alloy. Such as metal barrels, metal boxes, cans.

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Metal container from the temporary storage of built-in objects evolved into today’s food cans, beverage container, etc., has gradually become the means of long-term preservation built-in objects.

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  Metal packaging material not only has high strength, and is easy to store, carry, transport , but also has good resistance, moisture resistance, suitable for food, drink, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other packagings.

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At the same time, the metal materials with special metallic luster, easy for printing decoration, is advantageous for the appearance of commodity packaging design.

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Note: metal materials is with low chemical stability, easy to rust, even a small amount of metal materials are likely to affect the quality of the food.

5, Glass Packing material
 Glass packaging material with good chemical stability, can guarantee the purity of food and health, and has airtight, easy to seal, flexible modeling, colorful crystal adornment effect, so has been widely used.

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Note: the glass has low resistance to impact, high energy consumption of glass melting such shortcomings.

    There are many different kinds of glass packaging container, and according to different standards, the classification is also different. According to the color can be divided into colorless and transparent, colored and opaque cloudy glass bottle; According to the purpose can be divided into food packaging bottle, beverage bottle, wine bottle, etc.

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6, Ceramic packaging materials
Ceramic packaging refers to all kinds of plastic as the raw material of packaging. Ceramic according to different materials can be divided into coarse pottery, pottery and porcelain, stoneware.

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Ceramic packing material has high hardness, and has corrosion resistance performance to high temperature, water and other chemical mediums. Different prices have different requirements on the performance of the ceramic commodity packaging for ceramics,as for senior drinking wine Maotai, packaging requirements are higher.

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Tip: ceramic packaging material is fragile, and recycling cost is high such disadvantages.


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