3, Packaging design beginners required — packaging applications

We know what is packing now, then we learn how to use the packaging. Different kinds of goods, in the application of packaging, pay attention to different problems and design thinking.

p application 1

Good packaging design can not only attract people’s attention, but also should make people quickly identify the types of commodities, make the commodity information more accurate and make communication more direct .
                             1. Food packaging design

In food packaging, should pay attention to the performance of text and graphics.
Writing should be concise and vivid, easy to remember, easy to read; Graphics generally use food itself as the main image, make the product information more intuitive.

p yong 2

Different ages of consumer groups are having different requirements of food packaging. Children’s food packaging, for example, consideration should be given to the children’s psychology, use lively and novel font, as well as the image of children’s favorite, such as the lovely animals, cartoon characters, etc.

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Food packaging should also fully consider the taste, that cause the consumer’s appetite. For example, different colors can give a person different senses of taste feeling. Bitter feeling of dark brown; Sweet feeling of red; Delicious of yellow; Sweet and sour of fresh green.

p yong 4

In addition to the color, the shape and the material of the packing also affect the taste. Such as vegetables and seafood using transparent and translucent packaging, giving people fresh impression.

p yong 5

                               2.Tea packaging design
Tea packaging has a very strong requirement for culture. China’s long culture became the creative source of tea packing design. Such as the forms of Chinese painting, poetry, calligraphy, etc., expressed the flavor of tea and the refined artistic conception.

p yong 6

Different tea type, its color, aroma and taste is also different. Such as clear fresh green tea , strong pure black tea, fragrant flavor flower tea, full-bodied peaceful oolong tea , etc. So, as for packaging design, grasp these features accurately to reflect the product characteristics better.

p yong 7
Tea of famous producing area or tea of strong regional characteristics, can use the technique of outstanding local characteristics in design. “Yunnan pu-erh tea” produced in Yunnan, for example, using Yunnan local scenery as visual design elements in packaging, expressed a strong local characteristics.

p yong 8

                            3.The wine packaging design
Wine packaging design has a strong regional and cultural character. Such as Chinese liquor using Chinese porcelain as packaging materials, highlighted the Chinese characteristics.

p yong 9

Tip: the variety of wine, such as Chinese liquor, Russian, vodka, Japanese sake and fruit wine, and western whisky and wine

A good wine packaging should adopt different materials and artistic techniques, so as to highlight the characteristics of the temperament and the grade of the wine itself, to attract consumers successfully.

p yong 10

                             4.The cosmetics packaging design
Cosmetics is a kind of product that are always following the fashion trends, so the design of packaging should emphasize its fashion and personality.

p yong 11

Note: cosmetics according to different purposes can be divided into beauty cosmetics, such as perfume, color makeup, creams, etc.; And clean cosmetics, such as shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, etc.

Cosmetics packaging design is often influenced by brand positioning, sales selling point, target customers. As for the same product — perfume, for women should be with tonal and downy pink dream full line ; And for men should be given priority to with dark gray and the structure of the sharp edges.

p yong 12

In the cosmetics packaging design, no-decoration design style is very outstanding. This kind of style to keep simple better than complex, practical is better than the beautiful principle, the packaging is not luxury, not fancy, only the simple text symbols as the main design elements.

p yong 13

                                5.Electronic product packaging design
Electronic products belongs to technology-intensive products, unable to bear external shocks, afraid of damp, afraid of electrostatic and high temperature, etc.. Thus, in this kind of packaging design, should pay special attention to these problems.

p yong 14

Tip: electronic product packaging design should consider the cushion and antistatic design.

When design electronic product packaging, to embody the sense of electronics technology, fashion sense and young feeling. Text, color and graphics should have strong contemporary feeling and visual impact.

p yong 15

Packaging colors of electronic product often use green, black, gray as key colors, reflects the masculinity and sense of science and technology.

p yong 16
                                6. Pharmaceutical products packaging design
Pharmaceutical products packaging design has the dual nature of drugs and goods. This decided the scientific principles of medicine packaging design. In the packaging design, attention should be paid to its security, security, and normative.

p yong 16
At the same time, drug packaging should be designed according to characteristics of medicinal drugs themselves. The treatment of cardiovascular drugs, for example, should avoid using red, because red can increase heart pressure make the pace of a pulse speed, cause vascular expansion, lead to increased blood pressure.

p yong 18
                                   7. Gift packaging design
Gift packaging design is for respect, love,care and celebrations. So the gift packaging is more particular about materials, structure,s decorations and so on than other packagings.

p yong 19

Gift packaging design is no longer blindly pursue luxuriant, the excessive packing of luxury, but showed a variety of styles. From the elegant to the contracted and lively; From the romantic warmth to simple but elegant simplicity, etc.

p yong 20

Different nationalities, different environments created different cultures, so that the gift packaging gradually formed colorful and distinctive cultural style and artistic style.

p yong 21

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