4 Packaging design beginners required — packaging structure design

After packaging materials selection, the following should be rational and scientific packaging structure, to ensure that the product is in good condition during the process of transporting and storing.

Among many packaging materials, paper and cardboard as the packaging material not only has a long history, but also occupies a considerable proportion. So this tutorial sett structural design as an example, illustrates the paper packaging structure design knowledge for everyone.


According to different purposes and modelings, the structure of paper can be summarized as the following four aspects: box packaging structure, carton packaging structure, paper bags structure and paper cup packaging structure.

1. Carton packaging structures

Carton packaging structure can be divided into folding carton structure design and paste carton structure design.

1.1. Folding carton structure design

Folding carton can be high efficiency, convenient sales and carrying, enjoyable, low production cost, and can be folded before using and reduce stacked and packaging, warehousing and transportation costs, so widely used in packaging. 4-2      Folding carton can be divided into straight type and tray type. Straight type refers to the box body is vertical,such as wine, cosmetics, medicines are suitable for vertical bottle packaging. 4-3

Tray box used widely in the supermarket, from food to textiles, to groceries.


Note: folding carton generally do not need to glue, but using cardboard to meet each other or using lock method, make the carton forming and sealing.

1.2. Paste box structure design

Paste paste box is also called the carton box, it has the strength and the appearance of beautiful, better than general folding boxes, give a person a kind of advanced rare feeling, often used in high-grade goods and gift packaging. 4-5      Paste box has a lot of types, can be summarized as the following

1.2.1 Shake cover box

This structure refers to putting the cover body and the box body together, one side of the cover body is fixed and shaking and opening the other side of the folding carton. 4-6      Due to the roll cover box has simple structure, and it is convenient to open, so in the carton packaging design, often use this structure. 4-7 1.2.2 Window box

Window box is opened on the surface of the box, form a transparent state, can make consumers see part or all of the built-in objects. 4-8

The window opening size or location can be decided according to the commodity characteristics and image design, make its scientific, reasonable, beautiful and so on. 4-9

1.2.3 Display box

Display box is also called “POP” box, for advertising display, can fully show the packing morphology.

4-10      Display packaging forms can be divided into two categories: one kind is not with cover, can open display; The other kind is with cover, can be opened when sales, closed when transportation. 4-11 1.2.4 Carrier type

The greatest characteristic of the carrier type is convenient to carry, also can be portable packing box. This kind of model structure are equipped with a handle on the box body. 4-12

The carrier can be added or using the extension parts of cover and side , and then lock each other. 4-13 1.2.5 Sealed type

The characteristics of the paste box is fully enclosed, on security, ease of use have very good functions. Enclosed carton mainly adopts the open line tear open or straws inserted into the holes, mostly used in drinking such disposable packing. 4-14 1.2.6 Drawer type

Drawer is also called puller. Because the form is a double structure with pulling form, thus has the characteristics of strong, thick, easy to use. 4-15 1.2.7 Combined type

Combined packing box refers to the number of related product mix together form a complete set of packaging, or the number of the same product packed together. 4-16      Carton packaging structure in addition to the above several forms, there are variants, the lid and box body not connected casing box, etc..

2.The box packaging structure

      Box is a little different from carton, the packaging is mainly used in reserves and transport. Box design is very strict for the standardization of structure, because it directly affects the neatly placed on freight yard, shelves, effective use of volume and the reasonable transport of the container. 4-17      Note: carton common structure types have slot type, half open slot type and wrapping package type. In the process of transportation, should avoid pincer-like device problem such as craze, waist drum, combined with the damaged parts.

3, Paper bags packaging structure

The main purpose of paper bags is convenient for customers to carry and propaganda enterprise products. The choice of image is to highlight the brand image for the purpose, emphasis on product brand publicity. 4-18     Note: packaging design on the selection of materials, generally use the finished lower cardboard and plastic products.

4,Paper cups packaging structure

     Paper cups are used for containing food, beverage and other products, according to different standards can be divided into different kinds. Generally can be divided into: without cover paper cups, with a cover paper cups, with a handle paper cup and without handle paper cups , etc. 4-19


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