5, packaging design beginners require — packaging and printing process

Exquisite packaging can not separate from the packaging printing, packaging and printing is to increase the added value of products, enhance product competitiveness, expand the market’s important means and ways. Designers should understand the necessary knowledge of packaging and printing process, make the design of packaging products more functional and beautiful.

 1. The printing process 

Before packaging molding, need to work a series of orderly printing:

packaging process 1
In order to improve the printing quality and production efficiency, before printing, should pay attention to the design draft for extra content; whether text and line is complete; Check the registering line, color code, and various printing and cutting is complete with lines, etc. Only in this way, can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the smooth completion of the printing.

packaging process 2

Different packaging materials have different printing processes, because the paper packaging materials is the most widely used in real life, so the paper packaging printing process, for example,related knowledge of the printing process.

2. Paper packaging and printing process
2.1. Printing ways
There are many kinds of ways of printing, paper printing method, the methods are different, the operations are also different, the effects of the print are different also. Using traditional printing method is mainly divided into the following four categories:

(1) The letterpress printing
Letterpress printing refers to the graphic part is higher than the plate on the graphic part, on the ink roller ink can only be transferred to the graphic part of the plate, rather than by part no ink, so as to complete printing.

p p 3

All printed paper back imprint slightly convex, neat edges, lines or branch and ink appear pale in the central part, are the letterpress printing.

p p 4
(2) Intaglio printing

In contrast to the letterpress printing, graphic part below the graphic part of the plate, forming a groove shape. Ink cover only in the slots, plate surface without ink, paper will cover in the upper plate, plate and paper by pressure, will ink on plate under the concave part of the transfer to the paper.

pp 5

Gravure printing products, has the ink layer thick, bright color, and plate has a high rate of resistance to print, stable print quality and fast printing speed, so has been widely applied in practice.

pp 6

(3) Lithographic printing
The graphic part of lithographic printing plate and the graphic part surface is flat, graphic part covered a layer of rich oil film of grease, rather than by part absorb appropriate moisture. When inking, graphic part repel water and ink absorption, the graphic part formed by absorbed moisture resistant ink.

pp 7

The print has a line or network center part of the ink is thicker, the edge crooked, poor color reproduction function, lack of brilliance.

p p 8

Tip: because of the lithography method in the work is simple, low cost, so now is the most used method.

(4) Screen printing
Screen printing refers to the scraper extrusion, the ink from the graphic part of the mesh leaking into the substrates, rather than by part of the wire net holes blocked, printing ink can’t leak to the substrates, thus finish printing.

pp 9
Its print is rich and simple, stereo sense is strong, and this kind of printing method don’t have many requirements of substrates materials, so widely used in various kinds of packaging materials.

pp 10

Tip: silk screen printing also can undertake large area printing, printing products the biggest can reach 3 m * 4 m, even larger.

2.2. Packaging and printing process

There are a lot of printing paper packaging and printing process, the following is going to introduce several common printing processes:

(1) Hot stamping process

Stamping process expression is that it required hot stamping or hot silver pattern to making into convex type version of the heating, and then placed on the print color for the aluminum foil paper, pressure, make the aluminum foil is attached to the printing.

pp 11

Tip: hot stamping paper material points a lot of kinds, including gold, silver, laser laser gold or silver, black, red, green and so mang types.

(2) Laminating process
The effect of laminating process is a kind of surface processing technology after printing, refers to the surface with laminating machine in print covering a layer of transparent plastic film formed by a product processing technology.

p p 12

Tip: after coated printing, the surface will be more smooth and shining, pollution resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance.

(3) The concave-convex embossing process

This process is a bigger pressure, using the letterpress put has been printed on the semi-finished products of local logo or rolling pressure into concave and convex, 3D graphic.

p p 13

Note: concave-convex embossing process used in the finishing of print and paper container, except for packaging cartons, and also applied in the bottle to sign, the trademarks, books binding, calendar, greeting cards, and other products in the printing.
(4) UV anti-metal etching printing

UV anti-metal etching printing, printing and grinding sand or sand is in substrates with metal mirror luster, such as gold, silver cardboard) on a layer of uneven translucent ink, after ultraviolet (UV) curing, produce like polished metal surface after etching or frosted effect.

pp 14

Note: the UV resistant metal etching ink produces suede and inferior smooth effect, can make the print appears downy and solemn, elegant and showily. In addition to the above introduced several kinds of printing, paper packaging and printing process include refraction, die-cutting indentation, water ink, plastic, ice and scratch silver printing process.

pp 15

Other printing process of packaging materials and paper products printing process, although there are many similarities, but also they have different characteristics, will no longer be introduced here.

pp 1+6


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