6, Packaging design beginners required —- vessels modeling design

     As we have learned a lot knowledge about packaging design,this tutorial will give you a little knowledge of the packaging design: vessel modeling design. In the social life, in order to meet the demands of living or working, all kinds of vessels are produced. Vessels modeling design should not only have practical, but also should have the aesthetic feeling to the person.

6 --1

1. Basic requirements of the vessel modeling design

     Vessels are for holding items or as a decoration of the floorboard of the object. Vessels can be made of different materials, and made into various shapes, in order to meet different needs.


    Successful ware design should follow certain rules and requirements, can be summarized as the following aspects:

(1) Function requirements

    Primary function is accommodate and protection functions. Ensure that content from being damaged in the process of handling and using, there will not be any leaks or leakage.


(2) Economic function
   Vessel design must understand the characteristics of the technological process and requirements, make design for process, thus reducing the economic cost. 

    Tip: packaging materials match to the sales price , with reasonable design to reduce damage in production, circulation and waste.


(3) Aesthetic requirements

   Vessel design on the basis of the function to meet, should fully show the aesthetic feeling of modeling.




2 The vessels design method of modeling

    Vessel design is a space art, the method can be summarized as the following six kinds:

(1) Line method

    This method refers to the designer to use all kinds of lines on the paper designed a method to vessels. Design ware line is adopted by the different modeling, give a person different feeling.

    Tip: lines can be roughly divided into hard and soft. Hard line including vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, etc.; Soft line including curves, arcs, etc.




(2) Sculpture method

    First determine a basic form, and then the body is combined or cut in a variety of forms, form the expected effect of modeling. Sculpture method can be divided into integral sculptures and local sculpture. The first picture below, for example, adopted the method of local sculpture, bottle cap is carved stone sculpture, decorate the exterior of the vessel, both can do cap again.


(3) Simulation method

    The structure of the vessel form imitate directly to an animal or person, in order to highlight the characteristics of products to attract consumers, this is a kind of visualization simulation design. The first picture below, for example, the use of special shape, highlighted the commodity is the feature of dairy products.


(4)Light and shade method

     Light and shade can be used to make objects have stereo feeling. By increasing the number of vessels form above, highlight the vessels of refraction effect and shadow effect. Under the first picture, for example, glittering and translucent and transparent body was covered with neat bump squares, output of the shadow of the different depth, give a person a kind of feeling of corrugated.


(5)The method of texture

    Texture refers to as a result of material preparation, organization and structure, make the person produce different feeling of tactile and visual sense. For example, we often say the concave and convex, sculpture, corrosion, sandblasting, etc.


    Under the first picture, for example, use ground glass and electrochemical aluminum two different skin textures as a bottle, make vessels without smooth and glossy surface formed bright contrast. Note: texture method must be to achieve a contrast, make modeling have more features.



(6) Inlaying

    In vessel modeling design, the different material combinations in a body, we call it the Mosaic method. This method can cover up and make up material defect in processing.

    Tip: now see mosaic design between a metal and metal mosaic, mosaic between plastic and plastic, metal and glass mosaic, between the plastic and glass mosaic, etc.



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