7 Packaging design beginners requirements —- elements in the packaging design

     We study the structure of the packaging design, next we are going to learn the packing decoration design. How to make the packing decoration design more elegant in place? This needs from three visual elements of packaging design: text, graphics, color.

1. Text

     Text in packaging design occupies a very important position, have the effect of conveying commodity information.


   Three text types of packaging design :

(1) Brand name

    Brand name text usually arranged on the main display of the packaging, generally identified, adornment is strong, bold font, in order to enhance visual impact.



(2) Data and instruction words

     Belong to law qualitative text captions, unified, standard should be adopted for the print. Distribution in the back of the packaging or side. The font should be clear, make consumers feel credibility.


(3) Advertising text

     In order to strengthen the promotion strength, can appear sometimes package some advertising text. This kind of words are used as the attributes of the goods or marketing text. Generally adopt flexible and varied font, such as advertising, variety, handwriting and so on.


     Note: the rich text expression can give consumers different psychological feelings. Such as bold, strong and bold style have fitted; Song typeface simple sedate, generous and elegant style, etc. Font design, should guarantee the form and content are unified. Medical supplies such as often use concise and simple font; Sporting goods use dynamic, have the font of movement; With a long history of traditional calligraphy font is chosen mostly goods to SMS, etc.



2. Graphics

    Graphics is a kind of important nonverbal elements of visual symbols, with the characteristics of a straightforward conveying information and playing an important role in selling goods.


    Graphics has the characteristics of visual and richness and vitality, cause psychological reactions of consumers on the vision, and guide the consumer purchase behavior.



    Graphic form is varied, but in general, can be divided into the following two kinds:

(1) The representational graphic
     Representational graphic table form of natural objects, is the meaning of the image creation, with honesty, description methods, let a person be clear at a glance, can understand what it expresses.


    Tip: This kind of form, the most can specifically illustrate the packing of the products, to emphasize product sense of reality. Representational graphic form, can adopt the method of photography and painting, make the image intuitive and artistic appeal.


(2) Abstract graphic forms

    Abstract graphics refers to use of point, line and change has indirect influence of graphics.


    Abstract graphic forms is free, rich and colorful. Someone from the technique as abstract graphics, occasional abstract graphics, abstract texture, computer aided design, etc.



    Mediocre packaging design can’t be attractive charm of the market many similar products , to attract consumer attention, must design distinct graphic personality.

3. Color

     The color of packaging design is one of the most active factors affecting vision, which can promote sales, set up the brand image, etc. Compared with the graphics, text and other elements is more visual impact.


     When determining the color of packaging design, first of all, should determine the overall tone of color in the packaging. Different colors can give a person the different imaginations of space. Warm color can let a person feel warm, for example, arouse people’s appetite, often used for children’s products, food, cosmetics packaging, etc.


    Cool colors are cold hard, relaxed feeling. Commonly used in frozen food, health supplies, medicine packaging, etc.



     Second, we should pay attention to colorific contrast relation, improve the visual cognition of color in packaging design.


    Finally, to harmonize and unify, make images to achieve harmony and rich color effect.



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