8 Packaging design beginners are required to know— packaging design forms

   If you have learned three visual elements of packaging design, so how to make the reasonable arrangement of these elements, to have good visual effect? This tutorial will teach you the rules of the form and arrangement, when you try to arrange these elements.

1 Form rule

  Form in the package design should be arranged by the trademark, commodity packaging graphics, text, color such elements of the packaging display face.


    Good packaging design form, it is necessary to master the related form rules. There are a lot of form rules. In the following three aspects, i will explain the detailed rules for you of the packaging.

(1) The main body and the foil

    In picture design, name or image of the product usually as the main body, the other elements as foil. So that we can make the outstanding theme, primary and secondary, make the main information is easier to communicate.


(2) Symmetry and balance

    Symmetry refers to the left and right amount and shape, balance refers to the left and right sides equal and ranging form. Balance gives a person the sense of lively, symmetry gives a person the sense of smooth and solemn.



(3) Contrast and coordinating

    If there is no comparison in the composition of a picture, will appear drab routine; If there is no coordination, each element will appear in the picture. Below the first diagram, compared with red and green, and enhance the visual impact; Coordinate with yellow and black at the same time, and make the picture give people a feeling of unity.


    Tip: in addition to the above rules, composition should also follow the rigorous structure, changing rhythm , perfect order form such laws.



2 Arranging forms

    On the basis of these forms in accordance with the above rules, the packaging design appeared a variety of forms, these forms can be summarized as the following:

(1) The vertical arrangement

    The vertical arrangement of each element in the form of vertical, give a person the feeling of serious, tall and straight. It has a strong sense of rhythm and direction, in a form suitable for the long, high product appearance.


(2) The horizontal arrangement 

    All elements are arranged in the form of transverse horizontal, this form gives a person the feeling of quiet and stable.


    Note: this form is easy to give a person inflexible sense, so should seek changes in stability.

(3) Tilting from

    Each element from down to up or from left to right, in a uniform rhythm to form visual images. This form has a strong sense of direction and speed.


(4) Arc type

    This kind of packaging design is flexible, give a person the feeling of romance, smooth, stretch. The form includes round type, S line type, rotary, and so on.


(5) The scattered point arrangement

    Each element without strict format, but give a person a kind of sense of order. This kind of packaging design is free, bold and unrestrained, having strong space feeling .


    Note: if this form can not be handled properly, will give a person the sense of chaos.

(6) Center type

    The main performance elements placed in the center of the image, have stable vision, outstanding image effect. But this kind of packaging design can give a person the feeling of a kind of mechanical.


(7) Superimposed type

    Each element superimposed, make images rich stereo, have a sense of rhythm.


(8) Comprehensive type

    This kind of packaging design is to point to use a variety of patterns, give flexible impression to the person.



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