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The most useful packaging structure and the modeling design

Package is installed and structure design
Packaging design from protective packaging structure design, convenience, reusability and actual production conditions, such basic functions, according to the scientific principles of packaging of external and internal structure of concrete consideration of the design.
The function of the packaging structure design
Protection, holding, convenient functions
The principles of packaging structure design
From the consideration on the mechanics of the product and reliable protection;
To adapt to the packaging, the whole process of loading and unloading, transportation, storage, sales;
Considering economic principles.

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The structure of the packaging container
Skeletal structure
Made from rigid good materials containers or enhance strength, more for wood packaging containers.

图片3 图片4
Plate structure
All use thick material such as packaging container as a whole, the materials mainly used for the sheet of paper, plate paper, corrugated cardboard, templates, sheet metal, hard plastic board, etc.

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Thin shell structure
Consists of surface structure packaging container, such as all kinds of bottles, barrels.


图片7 图片8
Bag structure
With flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film, fiber woven bags made of container, soft form.

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Packaging modeling design
The modeling of packaging design refers to the packaging container.
Common packaging container modeling
Basic style: 1, the carton cube (suitable for all kinds of product packaging, common cubes and rectangular body);
Cylinder (suitable for paper tank container, simple modeling concise and easy);
Triangle cylinder (applicable to candy drinks such as packaging, with the certainty);
Polygonal cylinder (applicable to food, gift packaging, common six, eight Angle).
Change (with design creation for the comprehensive change).

图片11 图片12 图片13

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2, Plastic products, style:
The cylinder (the most common, there are bottles, barrels, cans, etc.);
Party form (commonly used polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride injection molding, such as cosmetics box, etc.);
Cuboid (using polyvinyl chloride injection molding, such as box, box, etc.);
Triangle/hexagon cylinder (for PVC material injection molding, such as cosmetics packaging)
Curve modeling (using hollow molding in, used in cosmetics packaging)

图片16 图片17

图片18 图片19

3, The metal container modeling:
Cylinder (common a cans beverage packaging container)
Party form (candy, biscuits and other commodity packaging)
Commodity packaging of ellipsoid (meat)
Special shape (with packaging form design, such as heart, ship line, etc.)

图片20 图片21 图片22

图片23 图片24

4, Glass container style:
Cylindrical simplified bottles of most (in)
Square bottle (Israel modeling form)
Curve shape bottle (the shape of the curve to enhance the aesthetic feeling)
Hexagonal shape bottle (pay attention to the safety of the use, to prevent the occurrence of) bridging the acute Angle
Handle bottle (additional handle, easy to use)
Special shape, such as trapezoid, the change of the novel such as conical flask and modeling)

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The carton packaging and structure design


The carton size chart
Carton size, must match the size of the package content and the selection of materials and the relationship between the cost. Easy processing and low cost cannot be neglected when the design.

Graph sample carton design

图片30 图片31 图片32

How to do packaging visual communication design

     Packaging visual communication design including trademarks, text, color, picture or illustration of visual elements such design and reasonable configuration, want to convey information to consumers, and make visual impact effect for consumers, make customers have attention and interest on the enterprise information, ideas, or commodity, thus achieve the purpose of sales promotion.

visual design 1

 The semantics requirements of the packing:
   Understandability: packing style is unified, easy to memorize without cognitive impairment.
   The internal conveying way: in obvious or dark expression to convey products specialty manufacturers status, features and quality information.
   Associative: tension and modeling concise force make the image bright, has the associative.
   Aesthetic: to translate materials into emotional symbol, embody humanistic value.
   Time: should be in line with time spirit and the modern way of life.
   Information degree : the message should be greater than the required basic information, and has a certain margin, in order to avoid loss.

Packaging visual elements
   Trademark — trademark itself is a kind of visual elements, some packaging simply wrap logo as the main visual elements (such as Coca-Cola, etc.).
   Text — text size, location depends on the specific content, pay attention to its relationship with the graphics, color, logo, etc.
   Color — with the characteristics of color to show product, consider visual effects and relationship between it and other goods.
   Photos and illustrations — visual expression of the goods.

visual  design 2


visual design 3

The main product packaging performance
   The appearance of product features — direct display, start, the structure of the plastic packaging.
   Product use effect characteristics — text, logo, the AD.
   The stillness of the product and its using state — abstract graphics.
   The composition of the product contains ingredients —graphic method, perspective.
   Source products, historical symbol expression — traditional patterns, pattern, color, text, material technology, etc.
   The nature of the product — colors, graphics performance.
   The characteristics of the product image — enterprise standard image, font, color, shape, etc.

Logo (standard) design principles
   Associative, identification, abstraction, integrity;
   Be narrowed (print quality assurance purposes);
   Can be monochrome (printing, reduce cost);
   Virtual space processing (clever to deal with the relationship of the figure and ground, can deepen symbol meaning);
   Visual weight, liquidity, directivity.

visual design 4

The word body design
   The purpose of the typeface design:
   To fully convey the information at the same time make the words, the forms of products, product features, the aesthetic idea of people achieve harmony and unity.
   Font design requirements:
   Text design subject to the overall design;
   And the product characteristic unifies;
   Visual appeal of the shape;
   Proper font combination .

visual design 5

The commonly used font styles
   Basic architecture thinking: type of font, font size, words combination of word groups, the direction of the word groups, etc.
   Modeling development thinking: pattern, line thickness change, strengthen the single letters, figure to reverse transformation, three-dimensional, composition, etc.

visual design 6 visual design 7

visual design 8

Color design
   Three elements of color: hue, lightness, purity; And color can give a person feelings and memories, in the packaging design, its properties and has the relevant relationship between products.

   Hue is a set of color is the general tendency, the general appeal, it is the key to the packaging color design.
   Color design and the main functions of the products are basic requirements of the unity, then unifies with the time requirements, with different areas, like people of color, taboo unifies.

visual design 10 visual design 11

Color contrast
   Contrast — stereo sense is strong
   Changes in temperature — cool color more cold, warm color more warm
   Weight contrast — strong sense of quality, light color is more light, heavy color
   Hue contrast — excitant strong
   Brightness contrast — high resolution
   Purity contrast— plumpness high purity, high purity, strong color sense
   Simple contrast — false or true feeling is strong
   HuaSu contrast —thematic is strong
   Distance comparison — strong sense of distance
   Comprehensive comparison — very rich

visual design 12

Balance of colors
   Refers to a variety of packaging colors and inherent color goods through coordination, one way to make it harmonious. Generally applied to the complex quality, elegance, of primitive simplicity, mellow, aloes, high-grade goods, such as packaging design.

Main harmonic methods are:
   The same harmonic method: Color element in one or two of the same elements, by the method of harmonic.
   Similar harmonic method: by the same means of harmonic, make different color elements close to each other, and reach a certain degree of approximation and harmonic.
   Order harmonic method: by selecting the orderly color, are combined or enhance contrast color order and realize harmonic.

   Refers to the packing decoration color inherent image color, the same with the product. Such as: bamboo wine packaging, using bamboo turquoise.
   General use on the goods with fixed color.

visual design 13

visual design 14
   Refers to the color packaging for goods inherent form color strengthening effect on certain features or commodity quality. Such as: packaging color such as in gold, silver, yellow to strengthen goods such as jewelry, jade, cultural relics, precision instruments of luxury, elegant, high quality;
    Another reinforcement effect, in order to strengthen the commodity name or trademark, strengthen the visual impact, conspicuous.

visual design 15 visual design 16

    Alienation is based on color contrast, the inherent color packaging decoration design in view of the commodity, the method used to choose the opposite color, so as to achieve outstanding name, logo, product image, promote the purpose of marketing.
    Alienation can also be used in gift packaging, decoration color and the color of the packaging. Such as: in black or blue color, in red, western red, rose red, lace or label.

visual design 17 visual design 18

    The purpose to make packaging form diversification, can be:
    Hue series – will all sorts of color and on the same kind of commodity packaging;
    Series – color lightness of different brightness levels used in the same commodity packaging;
    Series – color purity of different grade of purity and application in the same commodity packaging;
   Cross – more than three overlapping series.

visual design 19 visual design 20 visual design 21

The use of photos and illustrations

visual design 22

Photos use skill
   Highlight the main image;
   Note the foil;
   Pay attention to light object;
   Photos should be with the whole picture of packaging design, text, and modelling, coordinated material.

visual design 23 visual design 24

Illustrations use skills
  Understand his intention, illustration is designed to foil and deepen the theme, to make the finishing point.
  Note representation – ping tu, gradient, surface, dot, line, etc., with deepening the theme.
   Familiar with the printing effect, considering it is monochrome or polychromatic, letterpress or offset, gloss or matte, and so on.
   Overall effect – illustrations must be consider in conjunction with other text, marks or other product elements.

Version of the plane design
   In accordance with the requirements of packaging design the signs such as graphics, text, illustrations, the combination of visual elements is reasonable, beautiful, composition, is called layout design.

Layout design requirements
   Prominent theme, combined with primary and secondary.
   Reasonable use of formal beauty.

visual design 25 visual design 26

The history of the packaging industry

    From the beginning of the 19th century, with the development of industrial packaging, materials developed step by step.

his 1
   The mechanism of wooden cases appeared in 1800.

   In 1818, the tin cans.
   In 1856, British invention of corrugated paper, and used in 1871.
   In 1890, the railway transportation committee of USA approved corrugated cartons as packing and shipping.

   In 1895, metal hose used in toothpaste, ointment

his 15

    In 1902, the United States built the world’s first institute of packaging.
   In 1909, Swiss chemist Brandon Berger discovered the cellophane. Pt technology was introduced into the United States in 1924, in 1927 the United States DuPont used in food packaging.
   Found poly PVC in 1927 and used in the packaging in 1930.

his 14
   The second half of the 20th century, the aluminum foil used in frozen food packaging. In 1950, the United States developed laminated technology, create a new era of the composite materials.
   In 1954, PP used in food packaging.
   In 1891 in Shanghai set up a “Aaron ZaoZhiJu”, paper machine imported from the UK, behind the world’s first head of network type machine of 87 years.
In 1958, papermaking equipment imported from west Germany to Four plants in Tianjin, started to produce the cellophane.
Blown film production began in 1959.

his 13his 12his 10

   In 1964, pilot run composite membrane.
   In the northeast of China, light alloy processing plant built in 1980. The first modern aluminum foil workshop founded in December 1980, China packaging technology association. Founded in July 1981, the China national packaging corporation.
   Ann polyester foam machine introduced from the United States in 1985, production of foam materials.
   Pilot packaging engineering education started in 1984, 1989 full-time undergraduate course of packaging engineering education

his 9

   Paper packaging materials
   Concept: a piece of paper is a continuous sheet or roll shape type of materials.

   The composition of the paper:
Plant fiber (wood, straw, cotton, linen)
Function: filling material, gypsum, talc, Bai Shi, calcium carbonate and fill the gaps between fiber, smooth paper table, opaque.
Rubber ( alum, gum rosin, starch)
Function: the space fiber and fiber, reduce moisture absorption, waterproof.

his 20his 19his 18

Pigment: change the paper color.
Corrugated board: the glossy paper and corrugated paper core glue them into a plate structure.
Features: very high hardness, high mechanical strength, high compression, bending, the proportion of small, can be recycled.
Type: three, five, seven, nine layers, etc.
Structure: surface paper, corrugated paper core, core insulation paper, inside a piece of paper (paper)
Stare blankly type going a while at high each/ 300 mm
Stare blankly type features:
C stare blankly: good buffer
B stare blankly: high compressive strength, poor buffer.

his 2his 3

Troll physics: 3 LEDs powered by hand


The Answer to Our Brokenness…

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The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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The most popular electronic cigarettes box

      For smokers in some developed countries abroad, electronic cigarettes are not new. In whether to electronic cigarette can bring potential negative impact to human issues, although there are still some opposition, but those who simply from a perceptual point of view of the overall trend of the electronic cigarette will not be overlooked, so to speak. On the contrary, people put more energy to improve electronic cigarette safety, health, detection and so on, several aspects of the regulatory and standards. In marketing, each big manufacturer has more unified understanding: forbid to sell electronic cigarettes to minors.

e cigra 4

      From the world’s largest electronic cigarette on the BBS: e – cigarette – forum, we learned that health electronic smoke from its structure composition, method of use and experience effect, etc. Most of the foreign consumers has a more complete understanding about it. According to incomplete statistics, the current the most popular electronic cigarette BBS, the average number of online at the same time as high as several thousand. Besides partly reside wholesalers and retailers, active in the above are more consumers and the experiencers of electronic cigarettes. These BBS active people talk about the news, the electronic cigarette smoke technology, evaluation of electronic cigarettes and related products and such industry informations.

e cigra 2

     Compared with overseas consumers’high participation form, a strong contrast is t hat our domestic merchants one-sided propaganda and disposal, did not establish or participate in strings, consumers and businesses, or bridge between the consumer and the consumer platform, led to the benign interaction between each other. Simply rely on the Internet media and television media do spoon-feeding marketing channels, caused confusions and puzzles to domestic users on subjective consciousness. As a result, domestic electronic cigarette consumers are difficult to form a more uniform which can have mass communication hobby of the trend of electronic cigarettes.

e cigra6

     Through a heavy smokers smoking at home, the author has collected some information in the communication, as a representative of the electronic cigarette potential users of the individual to the views held by the electronic cigarettes. He said: “cigarette smoking for so long, and electronic cigarette smoking?” .

    “Does electronic cigarette can really give up smoking? Because foreigners are easy to fool!?” The smokers said in a tone of questioning. After repeated communication, the author found that become it became more and more difficult to introduce the electrical cigarettes. From this case, it is easy to see that held skepticism by the domestic part of electronic cigarette smokers .

e cigra 5

Happy Birthday Little Red Riding Hood.

The most wonderful packaging box design

1, Packaging open means

bz 6
2, Design of human caring

bz 5bz 4

With the strengthening trend of global integration, people’s lives standards are increasingly affluent, lifestyles are also quietly changing. Consumer demand for the product is no longer limited to meet the basic needs of life, but the desire for multi-sensory emotional and humanized products. For most closely connected with the product packaging open means, the single and indifferent form has been unable to meet the needs of modern people. Accordingly, stylist when making packaging design creation, especially in the mode of open mode design should pay more attention to the interaction and communication between people and open means, to make packaging open means more emotional and personalization.

bz 3bz 2bz 1

Packaging open means design as an integral part in the packaging design system, studies how to packaging open process and achieve its behavior way of the problem. Packaging open is the first link, the bridges between consumers and products, merchants and consumers, is a psychological change process for the consumer to make the packaging built-in objects from unknown to known.


    Packaging design— open means

Carton according to different opening methods, its structure can be divided into cap type, draw out and shake cover type and cassette, etc.


    Open means

1) Cap type: generally consists of two parts, the two parts, or stick, or separation, by lifted the lid to fit with this completely. The method of making the cap type carton is intuitive, simple, is also widely used.

bz 17bz 13

(2) The drawer: a kind designed according to the structure, with the method of pull open or close the carton, matchbox is a typical kind of drawer box.

bz 12bz 9

(3) Shake cover type: one of the most commonly used methods of the carton  packaging, the cover and carton connected as an organic whole, the lid of the sealing can have a variety of changes.

bz 10

(4) Cartridge : known as the portable box. General the opening is the handle part.

bz 8bz 7


(5) Other structures: the door type/damage type, art type such open means, etc.

The door type

bz 19

The damage type

bz 20bz 22

The art type

bz 21bz 15bz 14