The most popular electronic cigarettes box

      For smokers in some developed countries abroad, electronic cigarettes are not new. In whether to electronic cigarette can bring potential negative impact to human issues, although there are still some opposition, but those who simply from a perceptual point of view of the overall trend of the electronic cigarette will not be overlooked, so to speak. On the contrary, people put more energy to improve electronic cigarette safety, health, detection and so on, several aspects of the regulatory and standards. In marketing, each big manufacturer has more unified understanding: forbid to sell electronic cigarettes to minors.

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      From the world’s largest electronic cigarette on the BBS: e – cigarette – forum, we learned that health electronic smoke from its structure composition, method of use and experience effect, etc. Most of the foreign consumers has a more complete understanding about it. According to incomplete statistics, the current the most popular electronic cigarette BBS, the average number of online at the same time as high as several thousand. Besides partly reside wholesalers and retailers, active in the above are more consumers and the experiencers of electronic cigarettes. These BBS active people talk about the news, the electronic cigarette smoke technology, evaluation of electronic cigarettes and related products and such industry informations.

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     Compared with overseas consumers’high participation form, a strong contrast is t hat our domestic merchants one-sided propaganda and disposal, did not establish or participate in strings, consumers and businesses, or bridge between the consumer and the consumer platform, led to the benign interaction between each other. Simply rely on the Internet media and television media do spoon-feeding marketing channels, caused confusions and puzzles to domestic users on subjective consciousness. As a result, domestic electronic cigarette consumers are difficult to form a more uniform which can have mass communication hobby of the trend of electronic cigarettes.

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     Through a heavy smokers smoking at home, the author has collected some information in the communication, as a representative of the electronic cigarette potential users of the individual to the views held by the electronic cigarettes. He said: “cigarette smoking for so long, and electronic cigarette smoking?” .

    “Does electronic cigarette can really give up smoking? Because foreigners are easy to fool!?” The smokers said in a tone of questioning. After repeated communication, the author found that become it became more and more difficult to introduce the electrical cigarettes. From this case, it is easy to see that held skepticism by the domestic part of electronic cigarette smokers .

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