The most useful packaging structure and the modeling design

Package is installed and structure design
Packaging design from protective packaging structure design, convenience, reusability and actual production conditions, such basic functions, according to the scientific principles of packaging of external and internal structure of concrete consideration of the design.
The function of the packaging structure design
Protection, holding, convenient functions
The principles of packaging structure design
From the consideration on the mechanics of the product and reliable protection;
To adapt to the packaging, the whole process of loading and unloading, transportation, storage, sales;
Considering economic principles.

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The structure of the packaging container
Skeletal structure
Made from rigid good materials containers or enhance strength, more for wood packaging containers.

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Plate structure
All use thick material such as packaging container as a whole, the materials mainly used for the sheet of paper, plate paper, corrugated cardboard, templates, sheet metal, hard plastic board, etc.

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Thin shell structure
Consists of surface structure packaging container, such as all kinds of bottles, barrels.


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Bag structure
With flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film, fiber woven bags made of container, soft form.

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Packaging modeling design
The modeling of packaging design refers to the packaging container.
Common packaging container modeling
Basic style: 1, the carton cube (suitable for all kinds of product packaging, common cubes and rectangular body);
Cylinder (suitable for paper tank container, simple modeling concise and easy);
Triangle cylinder (applicable to candy drinks such as packaging, with the certainty);
Polygonal cylinder (applicable to food, gift packaging, common six, eight Angle).
Change (with design creation for the comprehensive change).

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2, Plastic products, style:
The cylinder (the most common, there are bottles, barrels, cans, etc.);
Party form (commonly used polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride injection molding, such as cosmetics box, etc.);
Cuboid (using polyvinyl chloride injection molding, such as box, box, etc.);
Triangle/hexagon cylinder (for PVC material injection molding, such as cosmetics packaging)
Curve modeling (using hollow molding in, used in cosmetics packaging)

图片16 图片17

图片18 图片19

3, The metal container modeling:
Cylinder (common a cans beverage packaging container)
Party form (candy, biscuits and other commodity packaging)
Commodity packaging of ellipsoid (meat)
Special shape (with packaging form design, such as heart, ship line, etc.)

图片20 图片21 图片22

图片23 图片24

4, Glass container style:
Cylindrical simplified bottles of most (in)
Square bottle (Israel modeling form)
Curve shape bottle (the shape of the curve to enhance the aesthetic feeling)
Hexagonal shape bottle (pay attention to the safety of the use, to prevent the occurrence of) bridging the acute Angle
Handle bottle (additional handle, easy to use)
Special shape, such as trapezoid, the change of the novel such as conical flask and modeling)

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The carton packaging and structure design


The carton size chart
Carton size, must match the size of the package content and the selection of materials and the relationship between the cost. Easy processing and low cost cannot be neglected when the design.

Graph sample carton design

图片30 图片31 图片32


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