How to Shape A Designer’s Personal Brand?

Shape a designer’s personal brand, like a virgin land without developing. Need to constantly pay attention to things around, constantly practice. Everything is starting with “small”, any brand is from small to big, growing ~

Try the best to make unknown known

   View different informations, understand the change of the world. When you work, you can browse professional reports and general reports. These reports may come from newspapers, magazines, websites, RSS, blog and mobile phones, and so on.
Professional reports can find some “relevant” content, correlation refers to have news about this field, and the project related clients, customers, competitors, and the dynamics of the industry. Of course, understand the same project, the practice of other companies is also a good choice.
Browsing the useful information collection. Blogs, microblogging and notepad (the company) are good bin, don’t forget to categorize information.

 Creation Day in free time

    Designers often deal with more than one case at the same time, “busy” is their label. No matter how busy you are, do creative works regularly, supply the lost creative factor is a must.
With the rapid development of social media, in the past days, you can only learn from the art museums, a concert or exchange activity that source of inspiration. However, things will be different now.
With the aid of network resources, every day is likely to be your “creative day”.
Now, it is very difficult to spare a day time, focus on an activity. Use your free time more, even if you are in the queue, to toilet, waiting a bus, are good choices to do creations.

Shape A Designer's Personal Brand3

Reading experiences

    1, Take a book with you, when you are in a queue, waiting for someone and buses, it is very quick to finish a book;
2, If you are fond of a book, you should try more times, read it again and again;
3, Reading the books which are recommended by the authors you liked, so after finishing one book , you can read another one immediately. You will not waste time in the bad ones;
4, Even if you can have twenty minutes for reading every day, that can be very valuable;
5, Don’t read esoteric books, even if everyone says they are good.

30 minutes for “recovery “

    Meeting and conference, projects and project must be set aside at least thirty minutes.
In this 30-minute gap, confirmed the work you had done, and for simple generalizations, understand the basic content and key points of the next task, make preparations for the next meeting, project.

Shape A Designer's Personal Brand1

Designers need to be on time

    As a social person, and let other people wait is no common sense. The more free, the more need this.
Punctuality is not necessarily to get trust from customers, but will lose credit not punctual. If designers can not violate the rules of work attitude, will surely can be extended more the possibility of their work.

Exercise is obligatory

    To maintain a high level of precision design for long, without a good body may be hard to do.
Like eating “creative vitamin”, do necessary physical exercise is essential of every week. Maintain physical state is also a kind of work, need to pay attention to a healthy management.

To deal with different things

    For mentally- consuming designers, enough revenue to stimulate some new ideas, new knowledge, is very important.
Be open to new things, or things she had never seen before, had never went, must personally experience. Feel something on the spot, will be in the form of unexpected ideas and thinking methods in the future.
Chat with different people, perhaps more wonderful than read controlled book.     They can let you see other wonderful life versions, and you never had thought of.

Dress is a part of the design

    Appropriate dress is on behalf of respect for others, can increase people’s favor. People who do not understand this feeling, may be not good designer… Even oneself all bad design, can bring good design for the customer?
In accordance with the time, occasion, and his position, wear oneself be fond of style, the taste is not also belongs to the category of creative design?

With word and text power to impress people

    General designers are excellent to make graphic images convey, but is often not good at words.
If the power of design cannot be well conveyed to the average person, but to the industry get to understand each other, is really difficult to identity design personnel of the masses. Only seeing them as a group of interesting heterogeneous. If not with clear, concise words, explain the power of design, and the concept of hidden in the bottom, will not be able to move people’s heart.
Especially in the design, the work behind the form of design philosophy and aesthetics, has touching elements. If the public works “brilliant”, should be feeling implied the truth. If words can convey more clearly, the audience should be able to produce more intense sympathetic chord.

【 Summary 】
Try to understand the unknown
Use free time added creative vitamin
Pay attention to the things and things between “recovery time”
Designers need to be on time
Exercise is obligatory
To deal with different things
Dress is a part of the design
With word and text power to impress people



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