How to be a successful poster designer?

What is a poster design?

Poster a is a kind of art information transfer, is a popular propaganda tools.
So, what are the poster design steps?

The design steps

1, good visual impact, can be done by images and color

2, posters express the content of refining, grasp the main points.

3, the content should not be too much.

4, general is given priority to with pictures, text is complementary.

5, marked theme fonts.

Poster design process, what are the considerations?

1. The poster must truly giving activity place, time and the main content. In this paper, we can use some motivational words, but cannot be overstated.

2. Posters text requires clear and concise, length is short.

3. The format can be done with posters of artistic processing, in order to attract the audience.

Poster characteristics

1. Large Size

Poster posted in public places, will be affected by the surrounding environment and the various factors of interference, so have to be big picture and prominent image and color display in front of people. The picture size is full, split, three open longer and large screen (eight full open), etc.


2. Strong hyperopia

In order to make the people come and go in a hurry a visual impression, in addition to size, poster design and fully embody the principle of localization design. In order to highlight the trademark, logo, titles, graphics, or high contrast color, or the blank of large area, or elegant visual process make poster visual focus. Posters advertising typical characteristics, so to speak.


3. The high artistic quality

As a whole, for the poster, it includes two types: commercial and non-commercial posters posters. Commodity posters of photography, modelling with specific artistic expression in the form of “realistic painting or comic form is given priority to, give consumers the feeling of the real touching screen and full of humor appeal.

And non-commercial posters, wide range of content and various forms, rich in artistic expression. Especially the poster cultural arts, according to the advertising theme can only imagination, its own art means. Many artists to express the beauty of the pursuit of were devoted to the design of the posters, and in his own painting language, in the design of different styles, various forms of poster design.

poster3 poster4 poster5 poster8 poster7 poster6 poster9 poster10 poster11 poster12




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