Skills: simple background image cutout
Effect of the best photos, is, of course, from the professional studio, because they will be filming in plain color as the background. This kind of movies can make the software more easily find the edge of the object, but to pick out the perfect condition of a human hair effect is a bit tricky. In this case, we will use the traditional channel cutout method to put this with long flowing hair of the younger sister paper to pick out, put into a more under the background of attitude.

Open the photo in photoshop, you can see this is not a pure white background, but the color is very plain and neat and simple and of the younger sister paper with good contrast.

Bring up the channels panel and check respectively under the red, green, blue three channels of the image. Each channel of the image will appear slightly different gray to move, find a foreground and background colors has the best contrast. Drag the channel thumbnail on the icon of a new channel to duplicate the channel.

PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 PS6 PS7 PS8 PS9 PS10 PS11 PS12 PS13 PS14 PS15 PS16


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