(Viking, 2013)

When Alison Forner’s brilliant cover design for my debut novel The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards first came in to my editor’s desk she sent an email to me and my agent with the subject line, “You guys.” And then, “I have a cover to show you. For your book. For serious.” And that was pretty much the exact same breathless reaction that I had, after bolting up to my wife’s office, where Viking had messengered a copy. (I asked them to send it there because I didn’t want to open it without her, for fear I would pass out alone in the apartment by myself.)

There’s something elegant and simple about the cover: an off-white background almost like a blank piece of paper, and then these brightly-colored typewriter keys hovering over it as if to spell something out in code. The “spots” give some context to the title, and at the…

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