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Box Structures And 3D Effect Appreciation



Theses box structures are not the common ones. I shared here for design inspiration. And you can also see some 3D effects of the other structures.


Box15 Box1 Box2



Box3 Box5 Box6





Box9 Box10Box12

How to design a computer keyboard packaging?

     Share a computer keyboard design packaging to you guys, including vector image and texture.      Packmage box templates can be downloaded.     Open the keyboard templates in Packmage (this is a very standard desktop keyboard)  keyboard1      According to the actual need, input width, length, depth and other parameters. We take: L = 400, W=145, D = 35 (mm),etc., after the completion, we save and can generate the DXF format which is the die cut. It is good for late printing.  

    We post the draft on the template. Aim to good size. Click OK, as shown in figure  


Click on the 3D and appreciate your own design.

keyboard3  keyboard 4  keyboard 5   keyboard6