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Carton Packaging Structure Design

Objective: understand the most common carton packing structures and functions of packaging, as well as to conform to the packaging structure capacity requirement of design.
1, the basic knowledge of the carton packaging
2, the carton packaging structure classification
3, carton packaging structure design skills

First, the basic knowledge of the carton packaging
(1), the size of the carton
(2), all kinds of folding line style and function
(3), the international standard of small and medium-sized inverting lifted the lid cartons

The paper properties and the common varieties
White paper: also called white cardboard, its bottom, gray, white two kinds of surface points.
Board or straw board: also known as grass. Mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of carton or carton, can also be processed into liner material.
Corrugated board paper: also known as ma board, it as panel glue, paper and corrugated paper core is made all kinds of structure of corrugated carton.
Corrugated board: due to shape of corrugated wave the name. It can be all kinds of carton and carton.
Plastic composite paper: composite is bond to each other by a variety of material, plastic composite paper is soft composite materials.

Carton structure – with this important element in the structure design
In the carton packaging, with this part is under load, stress, vibration, drop, and other factors affect the biggest part. In the structure design, need careful consideration.
Structure of the main points and box type structure and tray type two kinds.
With this structure design – box type structure:
Box type structure:
Refers to the carton box body and a box shaped, extension on surface of the box type box body four designed on the basis of different paper carton sealing structure in the form of bolted.
Box type structure can be divided into the following kinds:
1, the socket bottom sealing type:
2, glue sealing type:
3, End lock type:
4, automatic lock bottom type:
5, partition bottom sealing type:
6, folding back cover type:
7, press the back cover type:
8, the press fixed type:

1, 2, box type structure
1, jack back cover (graphic)
This structure is generally only small packaging products, with only bear the weight of general, its characteristic is simple and convenient packaging products, has been widely used in the ordinary products.
2, glue back cover (graphic)
This structure is normally only used for packing machinery, this bonding with one another in the two wings with bottom sealing structure, with makings provinces, with this have been able to withstand the heavy weight, packing of powder products can prevent the powder leakage, and durable, this is common, such as washing powder packing structure.



BoxStructure4 BoxStructure5

Box type structure
3, the lock bottom type: This structure is shake frame type box with four wings part designed to bite each other end of the form of a lock. Has been widely used in small and medium-sized bottled product this kind of structure form of cover.
4, automatic lock bottom type:
With a small amount of binder, when forming the just has to open the original fold flat box body, which can use the reply to box type shape, at the same time with this will automatically connect the bottom of the lock.

BoxStructure6 BoxStructure7 BoxStructure10 BoxStructure9 BoxStructure8 BoxStructure11 BoxStructure12

Box type structure
5, partition bottom sealing type:
Play in the box body volume split into two, three, four, six, nine different partition of the state, effectively fixed inside the packaging products, prevent damage of vibration.
6, folding back cover type:
Characteristic is modeling beautiful pattern, can be used for gift packaging products for sale, because the structure is to connect with each other, generally unable to bear too much weight.

BoxStructure13 BoxStructure14 BoxStructure15

Box type structure
7, press the back cover type:
Characterized by packing operation is simple, save paper.
8, the press fixed:
Characterized by packing operation is very simple, greatly saving paper and packaging process.

BoxStructure16 BoxStructure15 BoxStructure17

With this structure design – tray structure:
Tray type structure (graphic)
Tray type structure is the cartons with this disk.
Its structure is in with few extends out of the box body on the edge of a few surface, is with this with the box body on the basis of the same paper, designed in the form of various box body bolt junction box structure.
Tray type structure of flat type is suitable for packaging products, commonly by folding into the tray shape packing products.
Tray type structure:

BoxStructure18 BoxStructure19 BoxStructure20 BoxStructure21 BoxStructure22

Second, the structure of the carton packaging
1, the box body structure
A, shake cover box
The simplest structure, use of a box
Cigarette case

BoxStructure22 BoxStructure23 BoxStructure24

B, casing box cover (also known as heaven and earth)
Used in high-grade goods and gift box
C, open window structure
Biggest characteristic contents or the inner packing directly.

BoxStructure25 BoxStructure26 BoxStructure27 BoxStructure28

Commonly used box structure
E display (figure 1, figure 2, figure 3, figure 4,)
Display box and can be called “POP” boxes, advertising for sexual display, can fully show the packing form again. The form: one kind is with cover, exhibition will cover opened, transportation and buildings can be folded; Another kind is not with cover, the outdoor display. It has played a display, promote the role of commodities and introduce yourself.

BoxStructure29 BoxStructure30 BoxStructure31 BoxStructure32
F enclosed (figure 1, figure 2,)
Enclosed box is a product of modern packaging, its characteristic is fully enclosed. It has better function on security, ease of use. Main forms have delayed opening line tear open form, in the form of the straws inserted into the holes contents smoking, etc., used to drinkings.

BoxStructure33 BoxStructure34 BoxStructure35 BoxStructure36

Variants of box structure modeling techniques to deepen, artistic and practical. The main change is on the face of the box shape, edge, Angle and quantity, add and subtract in the direction of multi-level processing, etc. More suitable for gift packaging.

BoxStructure37 BoxStructure38 BoxStructure39 BoxStructure40
H Affirmative type (figure 1, figure 2),
Affirmative type packing box biggest characteristic is convenient to carry, also known as portability packing box. The model structure are equipped with a handle on the box body, affirmative part can be attached, can also use the extension of cover and side lock into each other.

BoxStructure45 BoxStructure46 BoxStructure47 BoxStructure48 BoxStructure52 BoxStructure51 BoxStructure50 BoxStructure49 BoxStructure53 BoxStructure54 BoxStructure55 BoxStructure56 BoxStructure57 BoxStructure58 BoxStructure59 BoxStructure60 BoxStructure62 BoxStructure61 BoxStructure63


Follow-up: box structures— how many can you recognize?

box structure 1 box structure119 box structure118 box structure117 box structure116 box structure115 box structure112 box structure113 box structure114 box structure111 box structure110 box structure109 box structure108 box structure107 box structure100 box structure93 box structure86 box structure87 box structure94 box structure101 box structure102 box structure95 box structure88 box structure81 box structure82 box structure89 box structure83 box structure90 box structure97 box structure96 box structure103 box structure104 box structure105 box structure106 box structure99 box structure98 box structure92 box structure91 box structure85 box structure84

The deep analysis of the semi-automatic end lock structure

    Users with CAD or manual drawing out a semi-automatic end lock structure, like the below end lock structure, you should first have a very clear mind of relationships of the sizes of the bottom main parts details.

      The bottom sizes have close relationships of the main dimensions of the box, and the sizes of the length and width of box and the relationships influence the bottom structure.

    Length as L, width as W and thickness of the paper is CAL. (the structure described here is L/4 > = W / 3, if L / 4 < W / 3, this structure does not not recommend, on the one hand the paper utilization rate is not high, on the other hand is a load at the bottom is not good enough.)

    The first part, the relationship between the L,W dimensions and the main bottom sizes:

end lock1

Y1 = W / 2,
Y2 = Y1 – CAL / 2 ( As long as Y2 is close to Y1 or smaller than Y1, depending on the paper type)


end lock 2

X1 = (W – CAL) / 2
X2 = (L – X1 * 2)
The X3 = X2 + CAL
Y3 = W / 4 (roughly equal to the value, can be a little smaller than it, had better not exceed W / 4)
The rest is each corner fillet, will be no more description here.
    The second part,the various deformations:

The first:

      Bottom of the left is enhanced, very strong, the following is a deviation angle: T1 = 30 (c).

end lock 3


The second:

      For oblique incision on the left, the right for straight incision, T2 = 5 is an offset angle, the difference is not big. But the left side molding is more convenient.

end lock 4

The third:

       Left for bevel, right for right-angle, T3 = 30 is a deviation angle, if coupled with the first enhanced one on the left side of the end-lock structure, the bottom of the box will buckle more tightly. But the buckle will be a little trouble.

end lock 5


Fourth: position change

       In terms of a single box type structure, this change basically means nothing, but sometimes in order to meet the demands of layout, in order to improve the utilization rate of the paper, will be carried out in this end-lock structure. Then step and repeat.

end lock 7
       This paper utilization rate is increased obviously in this end lock structure.

end lock 8
        Finally, when the L value is too large, and the goods in the box is rather heavy (common fruit box), we can make the structure become polygonal to bear more load. This kind of end -lock structure is relatively complex, will be analyzed separately in a later article .
  end lock 9

Packaging design software—-Packmage

     Packmage CAD is a software that can change the traditional packaging design software. It can be used in packaging, dielectric sample, die cutter, printing and other fields.    

     First of all, the software will introduce the concept of “change”, drawing boxes is just like magic. You can use the box templates in the box template library, and by inputting the paper dimensions of the box, you will conjure up an expand picture which can be exported to PDF, DXF vector formats for later using in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and other softwares.

    Secondly, the software introduced the function of 3D magic, you can import the design draft into Packmage CAD, and match it with the structure properly. Then you can watch the 3D modeling, every corner, every side. The most important thing is that the other 3D softwares on the market are fixed to 10 templates, far from the free play at will.      

   Finally, the step and repeat. It is to put a single cutting die graphics and design image overlap , then to step and repeat die cutter graphics, and to render design draw to each cutting die graphics, eventually get knife template and plate required files. This can improve the work efficiency, accuracy, and ensure the consistency of the knife mold files and plate. Packmage CAD provides smart ,array and manual step and repeat.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Carton Box Template

The Tuck Top Auto Bottom Carton Box Template is glued on the bottom by the custom folding cartons manufacturer. The glued bottom allows the box to support heavier products.  The Tuck Top Auto Bottom Carton Box is one of the more popular styles of chipboard boxes because it allows for easy custom printing and quick assembly on the production line. Just like the name says, the top of the chipboard box tucks in and the bottom is automatically popped into place quickly and easily. The TTAB has many uses, including beverage boxes, food boxes, medical boxes, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, retail boxes,  software boxes, and toy boxes.

box template

Tuck Top Auto Bottom carton box template

Mouse packaging box template

Mouse is the essential parts of the computer when we working or surfing on internet or playing games. The mouse packaging as we seen usually is a cardboard packaging with window style, the potential user could see the mouse inside the packaging. There’s an mouse packaging box template for you as a reference.

box template

Mouse packaging box template

3D Full overlap box template

carton box template

3D full overlap box template

die line template

Full overlap box die line template

The flaps of the full overlap box template on the custom FOL box extend from one side to the other, making it an excellent custom box for heavy objects or rough handling. With 3D and remarks on the die line it is much more easy to design your own full overlap boxes.