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Box Structures




Packaging plays an important role in products.

Here are some basic box structures of packaging.BoxTemplate21 BoxTemplate20 BoxTemplate19 BoxTemplate18 BoxTemplate17 BoxTemplate16 BoxTemplate15 BoxTemplate14 BoxTemplate13 BoxTemplate12 BoxTemplate11 BoxTemplate10 BoxTemplate9 BoxTemplate8 BoxTemplate7 BoxTemplate6 BoxTemplate5 BoxTemplate4 BoxTemplate3 BoxTemplate2 BoxTemplate1

Box Structures And 3D Effect Appreciation



Theses box structures are not the common ones. I shared here for design inspiration. And you can also see some 3D effects of the other structures.


Box15 Box1 Box2



Box3 Box5 Box6





Box9 Box10Box12

Follow-up: box structures— how many can you recognize?

box structure 1 box structure119 box structure118 box structure117 box structure116 box structure115 box structure112 box structure113 box structure114 box structure111 box structure110 box structure109 box structure108 box structure107 box structure100 box structure93 box structure86 box structure87 box structure94 box structure101 box structure102 box structure95 box structure88 box structure81 box structure82 box structure89 box structure83 box structure90 box structure97 box structure96 box structure103 box structure104 box structure105 box structure106 box structure99 box structure98 box structure92 box structure91 box structure85 box structure84

Common Box Structures — how many do you know?

packaging box structure 43 packaging box structure 42 packaging box structure 41 packaging box structure 38 packaging box structure 39 packaging box structure 40 packaging box structure 37 packaging box structure 36 packaging box structure 35 packaging box structure 34 packaging box structure 33 packaging box structure 32 packaging box structure 31 packaging box structure 30 packaging box structure 21 packaging box structure 22 packaging box structure 23 packaging box structure 24 packaging box structure 25 packaging box structure 26 packaging box structure 27 packaging box structure 20 packaging box structure 19 packaging box structure 18 packaging box structure 17 packaging box structure 16 packaging box structure 15 packaging box structure 14 packaging box structure 7 packaging box structure 8 packaging box structure 9 packaging box structure 10 packaging box structure 11 packaging box structure 12 packaging box structure 13 packaging box structure 6 packaging box structure 5 packaging box structure 4 packaging box structure 3 packaging box structure 2 packaging box structure 1 packaging box structure 48 packaging box structure 47 packaging box structure 46 packaging box structure 45 packaging box structure 44

Packaging Design Appreciation

Packaging Design Appreciation   1 Packaging Design Appreciation   2

        The packaging design has a retro feel. And plain regression.

        The design is simple and easy, use the appearance of a bamboo pole.

       Have a strong sense of design and modeling.

Packaging Design Appreciation   3
     The shape of the bottle using the shape of a light bulb, novel ideas.        

      Beautiful color and to add strong sense of quality.

      Vintage wine bottle shape, the shape of the ancient copper, dark bottle color have strengthened the ancient feelings.

Packaging Design Appreciation   4 Packaging Design Appreciation   5
     Full of interesting packaging, design can be interesting and full of stereo feeling, give a person a pleasant mood.

Packaging Design Appreciation   6      The packing of the West Lake combined the culture of the West Lake water and the broken bridge, the Hangzhou image becomes more strong, and with more modeling idea.

       Creative packaging, shoe box with shoes laces as a creative point, let the shoe lace become a shoebox decoration.

Packaging Design Appreciation   7 Packaging Design Appreciation   8Packaging Design Appreciation   9
      The inside structure design enhanced the protection of product.

Packaging Design Appreciation   10 Packaging Design Appreciation   11
     Rich color, bright eye-catching. Small point of change and the change of the hollow made packaging of a single appearance rich.

Packaging Design Appreciation   12
     Creative and interesting packaging, simple and do not lose characteristics.

Packaging Design Appreciation   13
     Strong glass textures, increase the smell of perfume and visual impact.

     The modeling of simple luxuriant temperament of also do not break.

Packaging Design Appreciation   14 Packaging Design Appreciation   15
      Translucent packaging allows customers to see the appearance of the goods inside, know the cookies taste, enhance the customer’s taste.

Packaging Design Appreciation   16 Packaging Design Appreciation   17
       Break the traditional image of mobile phone box, use packing box internal space more reasonable, save costs.

Packaging Design Appreciation   18
      The colorful changes and collocation, outside modeling of the box is a highlight of the packaging, attract the attentions of the children.

Packaging Design Appreciation   19
       A variety of flavors of ice cream, reflects their tastes and the content on packaging.

Packaging Design Appreciation   20
      Chocolate packaging, full of sweet and romantic feeling. Like a book, there are a variety of flavors and easy to eat, and after eating, the collection can be set.

Packaging Design Appreciation   21 Packaging Design Appreciation   22
       Packing box, in the form of tai chi with wood materials, full of medieval classic lasting appeal. The bottle packaging design elegance, painting with top hollow design is high quality and restore ancient ways.

Packaging Design Appreciation   23
      This kind packaging of perfume is unique, you can tell differences from the colors.

Packaging Design Appreciation   24
      The bottle is very style, color is very bright and different, simple but colorful.

Packaging Design Appreciation   25
       Thought-provoking all kinds of tableware packaging, let people remember that this is a tree, to wake up people of environmental conservation.

Packaging Design Appreciation   26
       Cat food packaging, creative.

Packaging Design Appreciation   27 Packaging Design Appreciation   28
      Different taste, the bottle appearance with the corresponding color and texture, give a person the sense of fresh.

      Make use of the characteristics of the goods combined with translucent packaging, make product become a part of the external packaging, novel and special.

Packaging Design Appreciation   29 Packaging Design Appreciation   30
      Use headphones line as part of the notes, use headphones plug as another part of the notes, full sense of design.

Packaging Design Appreciation   31
      Packing also adopts the Italian spaghetti, building the Eiffel Tower as the modeling, is very interesting.

Packaging Design Appreciation   32
      Honey around a swarm of bees on the package design, outstanding performance presents fresh and real honey.

Packaging Design Appreciation   33
       The packaging of the flavor materials not only can be used as the sealing, removed can also apply to the bread as a spoon.

Packaging Design Appreciation   34
      Lovely modeling, rich color, is the favorite for girls and children.

Packaging Design Appreciation   35 Packaging Design Appreciation   36 Packaging Design Appreciation   37 Packaging Design Appreciation   39 Packaging Design Appreciation   40 Packaging Design Appreciation   41 Packaging Design Appreciation   42
       Creative packaging bottles, better protect the bottle, has a sense of modeling design.

     This is the shirt packaging, save space and material, can reuse, environmental-friendly and clean.

Packaging Design Appreciation   44 Packaging Design Appreciation   45 Packaging Design Appreciation   46 Packaging Design Appreciation   47
       Inside the packing is pictures of animals, with the outside shape indicates the situation of precious animals now, cause people to ponder.

      Simple Sarah packaging, can see the content of the commodity, and environmental protection, material- saving.

Packaging Design Appreciation   48 Packaging Design Appreciation   49
      The design adopts the bump color of popular element, give a person strong visual impact. Simple modeling won’t let a person feel boring.

Packaging Design Appreciation   50

The most popular electronic cigarettes box

      For smokers in some developed countries abroad, electronic cigarettes are not new. In whether to electronic cigarette can bring potential negative impact to human issues, although there are still some opposition, but those who simply from a perceptual point of view of the overall trend of the electronic cigarette will not be overlooked, so to speak. On the contrary, people put more energy to improve electronic cigarette safety, health, detection and so on, several aspects of the regulatory and standards. In marketing, each big manufacturer has more unified understanding: forbid to sell electronic cigarettes to minors.

e cigra 4

      From the world’s largest electronic cigarette on the BBS: e – cigarette – forum, we learned that health electronic smoke from its structure composition, method of use and experience effect, etc. Most of the foreign consumers has a more complete understanding about it. According to incomplete statistics, the current the most popular electronic cigarette BBS, the average number of online at the same time as high as several thousand. Besides partly reside wholesalers and retailers, active in the above are more consumers and the experiencers of electronic cigarettes. These BBS active people talk about the news, the electronic cigarette smoke technology, evaluation of electronic cigarettes and related products and such industry informations.

e cigra 2

     Compared with overseas consumers’high participation form, a strong contrast is t hat our domestic merchants one-sided propaganda and disposal, did not establish or participate in strings, consumers and businesses, or bridge between the consumer and the consumer platform, led to the benign interaction between each other. Simply rely on the Internet media and television media do spoon-feeding marketing channels, caused confusions and puzzles to domestic users on subjective consciousness. As a result, domestic electronic cigarette consumers are difficult to form a more uniform which can have mass communication hobby of the trend of electronic cigarettes.

e cigra6

     Through a heavy smokers smoking at home, the author has collected some information in the communication, as a representative of the electronic cigarette potential users of the individual to the views held by the electronic cigarettes. He said: “cigarette smoking for so long, and electronic cigarette smoking?” .

    “Does electronic cigarette can really give up smoking? Because foreigners are easy to fool!?” The smokers said in a tone of questioning. After repeated communication, the author found that become it became more and more difficult to introduce the electrical cigarettes. From this case, it is easy to see that held skepticism by the domestic part of electronic cigarette smokers .

e cigra 5

The most wonderful packaging box design

1, Packaging open means

bz 6
2, Design of human caring

bz 5bz 4

With the strengthening trend of global integration, people’s lives standards are increasingly affluent, lifestyles are also quietly changing. Consumer demand for the product is no longer limited to meet the basic needs of life, but the desire for multi-sensory emotional and humanized products. For most closely connected with the product packaging open means, the single and indifferent form has been unable to meet the needs of modern people. Accordingly, stylist when making packaging design creation, especially in the mode of open mode design should pay more attention to the interaction and communication between people and open means, to make packaging open means more emotional and personalization.

bz 3bz 2bz 1

Packaging open means design as an integral part in the packaging design system, studies how to packaging open process and achieve its behavior way of the problem. Packaging open is the first link, the bridges between consumers and products, merchants and consumers, is a psychological change process for the consumer to make the packaging built-in objects from unknown to known.


    Packaging design— open means

Carton according to different opening methods, its structure can be divided into cap type, draw out and shake cover type and cassette, etc.


    Open means

1) Cap type: generally consists of two parts, the two parts, or stick, or separation, by lifted the lid to fit with this completely. The method of making the cap type carton is intuitive, simple, is also widely used.

bz 17bz 13

(2) The drawer: a kind designed according to the structure, with the method of pull open or close the carton, matchbox is a typical kind of drawer box.

bz 12bz 9

(3) Shake cover type: one of the most commonly used methods of the carton  packaging, the cover and carton connected as an organic whole, the lid of the sealing can have a variety of changes.

bz 10

(4) Cartridge : known as the portable box. General the opening is the handle part.

bz 8bz 7


(5) Other structures: the door type/damage type, art type such open means, etc.

The door type

bz 19

The damage type

bz 20bz 22

The art type

bz 21bz 15bz 14