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Window style carton box template

display box

Window style display box template

The window style carton box template becomes more and more favorable in the market, the manufacturer has more and more requirements on the window style box packaging design in order to full display the advantages of their products to get more sales revenue. Check the 3D box above, the window style display box template has a very wide range display zone from the front, top and bottom of the box, with the shelf hanger, the consumer could see the products inside from different angles, it is particularly suitable for dolls packaging.

Pyramid base carton box template

pyramid base box

Pyramid base carton box template

The pyramid base carton packaging isn’t commonly used in our daily life, for one thing it decided by its shape, for another thing its structure is a little bit complicated. However, it could used for gift packaging, food packaging,jewelry packaging and other luxury goods packaging. the pyramid base box template could offer better protective as well aw display function to the goods inside.

Dispenser carton box template

The dispenser carton box template is mainly used in food packaging, medical packaging,  retail packaging and pharmaceutical packaging etc.. The dispenser box template is typically placed at the retail checkout counter or near the cash register to stimulate impulse sales.

dispenser box

Dispenser carton box template

two pack carrier box template with auto bottom

carton box template

Two pack carrier carton box template with auto bottom

The two pack carrier carton box template is mainly used for beverage packaging, it has a handle to facilitate people carrier their beer, wine cooler etc. it also can be used for food packaging, unlike 4 pack carrier carton box, its structure is much more simple, so the two pack carrier carton box template is mainly used for beverage promotion purpose.

Frame-Vue Tray Template

The Frame-Vue Tray template are typically folded and glued by the custom folding cartons manufacturer. It can come with a connected lid. The customer generally assembles it by hand. This tray template is used primarily to distinguish premium products from those of average quality and price, thus widely used on cosmetics packaging, food packaging and retail packaging.

box template

Frame-vue tray template

The frame vue tray template design is easy, it can be done with Packmage CAD software, select a carton box template FA001 then modify the die line on the CAD software, the whole process only take a few minutes.

Window style carton box template

The window style carton box template is widely used in the KA industry, the window on the box allows consumers to see the product through the window so that they will have a general impression on the products. The following are two types of glass paper materials: economical PVC and environmentally friendly PET.

carton box template

Window style carton box template

Carton box template with locking tabs

The carton box template with locking tabs is mainly used on the gift packaging,  with the locking tab, the gift packaging becomes more diligent, actually the carton box template with locking tabs come from a Snap Lock Bottom or Auto Lock Bottom box with one or more locking tab. A long-shaped box usually cannot close very tight; adding tabs can help solve this problem.

carton box template

Carton box template with locking tabs


1-2-3 closure carton box template

carton box template

1-2-3 closure carton box template

The 1-2-3 closure carton box template also called snap lock bottom tuck lock top box or or Tuck Top Houghland Bottom. The 1-2-3 closure is also the most inexpensive box structure because its profile nests very well and therefore minimizes paper waste. This box has as a bottom closure and a tuck top closure. The bottom closure design is more secure than reclosable locking tab structure for heavier products.

Packmage CAD carton box drawing tool released

carton box drawing tool

Packmage CAD carton box drawing tool

Packmage CAD software recently released the carton box drawing tool, with it user could import the carton box die line from other CAD software, after define the 3D modeling, user could check the box modeling in the 3D module. User also could draw carton box templates via this tool or modify the box templates in the library to get the required carton box template, it is easy and fun, come and have a look.


Crash Lock Carton Box Template

carton box template

Automatic  Crash Lock  Bottom Carton Box Template

The automatic crash lock bottom style carton box is the most common box which is quick folding and provides reliable, low cost storage and postal protection. The strong crash lock base simply folds out and clicks into place, so no additional taping or sealing is needed. With ten built-in creases down each side, the box then folds down to the height of the contents, keeping delivery costs and the need for void fill down. Finally, the peel-and- seal strip securely fastens the top to provide these cardboard boxes with strong, tamper-evident closure.

The crash lock box also called economic box or popcorn bottom box, the Himes or crash lock automatic bottom is pre-glued in the converter’s plant. It is hand erected and typically used where fast set up is critical, but production volume does not justify an investment in automatic packaging equipment.