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The history of the packaging industry

    From the beginning of the 19th century, with the development of industrial packaging, materials developed step by step.

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   The mechanism of wooden cases appeared in 1800.

   In 1818, the tin cans.
   In 1856, British invention of corrugated paper, and used in 1871.
   In 1890, the railway transportation committee of USA approved corrugated cartons as packing and shipping.

   In 1895, metal hose used in toothpaste, ointment

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    In 1902, the United States built the world’s first institute of packaging.
   In 1909, Swiss chemist Brandon Berger discovered the cellophane. Pt technology was introduced into the United States in 1924, in 1927 the United States DuPont used in food packaging.
   Found poly PVC in 1927 and used in the packaging in 1930.

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   The second half of the 20th century, the aluminum foil used in frozen food packaging. In 1950, the United States developed laminated technology, create a new era of the composite materials.
   In 1954, PP used in food packaging.
   In 1891 in Shanghai set up a “Aaron ZaoZhiJu”, paper machine imported from the UK, behind the world’s first head of network type machine of 87 years.
In 1958, papermaking equipment imported from west Germany to Four plants in Tianjin, started to produce the cellophane.
Blown film production began in 1959.

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   In 1964, pilot run composite membrane.
   In the northeast of China, light alloy processing plant built in 1980. The first modern aluminum foil workshop founded in December 1980, China packaging technology association. Founded in July 1981, the China national packaging corporation.
   Ann polyester foam machine introduced from the United States in 1985, production of foam materials.
   Pilot packaging engineering education started in 1984, 1989 full-time undergraduate course of packaging engineering education

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   Paper packaging materials
   Concept: a piece of paper is a continuous sheet or roll shape type of materials.

   The composition of the paper:
Plant fiber (wood, straw, cotton, linen)
Function: filling material, gypsum, talc, Bai Shi, calcium carbonate and fill the gaps between fiber, smooth paper table, opaque.
Rubber ( alum, gum rosin, starch)
Function: the space fiber and fiber, reduce moisture absorption, waterproof.

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Pigment: change the paper color.
Corrugated board: the glossy paper and corrugated paper core glue them into a plate structure.
Features: very high hardness, high mechanical strength, high compression, bending, the proportion of small, can be recycled.
Type: three, five, seven, nine layers, etc.
Structure: surface paper, corrugated paper core, core insulation paper, inside a piece of paper (paper)
Stare blankly type going a while at high each/ 300 mm
Stare blankly type features:
C stare blankly: good buffer
B stare blankly: high compressive strength, poor buffer.

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Packaging Design Beginners’ Requirements

 1— To know packaging

 In daily life, we often come into contact with all sorts of goods. Observe the packaging of goods is the beginning of knowing commodity. That means, the stand or fall of in the process of product sales, packaging design plays a vital role. This tutorial introduced the knowledge about packaging design, first of all, — what is packing.

(1) The concept of packing
Protect products in the process of circulation, not only convenient for storage and transportation, but also good for promoting sales.

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At the same time, packing is also the overall name refers to use the container , materials and AIDS in a certain technical method

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(2) The functions of packaging
Packaging has become an important part of the product, has important function in the product, can be divided into the following three aspects:

protection function
Protection function is the most basic function of packaging. Protection function can protect the goods in transit, not easy to cause loss in quality and quantity;

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At the same time, the packaging can also help prevent external environment from damaging packing materials. Packaging of lining and the design of the diaphragm, for example, is to prevent some vulnerable items is shaken and extrusion in the process of circulation.

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Convenience function
Packaging can have the convenience function. Scientific packaging is more conducive to use. Some of the food packaging, for example, to facilitate the open and add the sawtooth design.

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      Good packing also considers whether it is facilitating people to transport or use space effectively. Whether it is reasonable to arrange commodity packaging, convenient split, assembly, etc.

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The function of improving the overall image
Packaging can increase the overall image of the goods, can directly stimulate the consumers’ desire to buy, make it produce purchasing behavior; Also played a propaganda effect to promote sales.

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Common sense of the carton packaging

In the various types of packaging materials such as paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, composite materials, paper is used in various fields because of its unique environmental advantages, light weight, and low cost of transportation .

Environmental symbols are printed on a lot of cartons now.

huanbao symbol1huanbao 31    

  1, From packaging function of the carton, mainly has containing,protection, convenience, show, display, and environmental friendliness.


Containing products rely on packaging. Products are solid,or liquid. And size and quantity is different. In structural design, should give full consideration to the packing containing function, must be able to contain the required number. Such as big bottles of candy, should be able to contain specified number, this containing function should consider not only contain stipulated number of products, but also have extra appropriate space. And like a bottle of coke and other drinks, should have a certain space, avoiding rupture under bottle pressure during the flow.

(2) Protection

The prime function of food packaging is to protect the goods, which mainly are done by structure design. Food production come out, after going through a series of circulation channel (loading and unloading, transportation, storage, etc.) to reach consumers’ hands, because of the climate conditions, pest, warehousing and distribution of all kinds of the effect of external force, will bring different degree of damage to products. Structural design ’s purpose is for these disadvantage factors, take technical measures to protect both the protection of the goods and the protection of packaging itself.

Generally speaking,main considerations of the structure design are: its load, stress, vibration, drop performance aspects of mechanics, considering whether to conform to the protection of food science, such as moisture, rust, mould-proof, pollution prevention, anti theft, etc. What kind of structure, combined with what material to make the product packaging can safely reach consumers’ hands. Because the commodity is extremely wide range, have different character, different food packaging’s structure may vary greatly, such as holding a wine glass bottle and other fragile products, mainly considering the brace; The puffed food, mainly considering moisture; The coke carbonated drinks, is gas blocking, etc.

(3) Convenience

Good packaging should have a wide range of convenience, it also needs the structure design to implementation. Convenient functions generally includes packing convenient, convenient transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, convenient storage, sales, and convenient to carry, convenient use, convenient processing, etc. In the structural design, considering the actual needs of consumers. Convenient function of packaging to the product sales will have a huge impact, should be seriously considered in design. If the cover is difficult to open such as canned food can make consumers away, bottled liquid filling if the bottle is too small is not convenient and use, etc.

(4). Display

Food packaging must have obvious distinctiveness, make consumers a strong visual impact by its own remarkable characteristics in a wide variety of display shelves .

(5) Display

The packing must be on the premise of fully showing, to make product a the good display effect, or has the ideal appeal, to entice consumers making buying decision on the spot , or leave a deep impression for the future buying.

(6) The environment friendly


2, In the objective aspects are in science and technology

(1) Scientific

Mainly refers to the choice of materials and the design of the structure can preserve and protect goods well, can effectively cooperate the circulation such as transportation, storage, loading and unloading operations; Make consumers to use, carry, save more conveniently, etc. In addition, whether the packing material will damage the environment, and recycle is also very important. Packaging industry is a scientific and systematic engineering, packaging design must also take each link of science into account , it also reflects the characteristic of the combination of art and science.

(2) Technology

At present, for China’s export enterprises, the export performance of 20% companies will be affected because of packing problem, how to improve the quality of product packaging, meet the demand of the international packaging? This requires that companies to use the best, most money-saving packaging design software.  

3, From the content of the design, main consideration are the relationships between packaging and commodities, packaging and environment, packing with consumers, and the internal structural elements.

(1) Packaging and commodities

Packaging determines whether the commodity can be a brand, sets up the commodity brand image, good packaging can give consumers the spirit to enjoy in addition to the substance. After using, the consumer’s feelings must be combined with brand and packaging.

(2) Packaging and environment

In the context of sustainable development, packaging should be designed to be able to recycle, save raw materials as well as not to cause environmental pollution.

(3) Packing with consumers

Good packaging can give consumers a deep and unforgettable impression, will entice consumers to buy, bring popularity to products.

(4) The internal structural elements

The packaging structure performance will directly affect the strength, stiffness, stability and practicability of the package.