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Packaging Box Design Appreciation

This post is going  to post all kinds of packaging design that I collected, sharing for refresh your eyes. There are bottle packaging design, box packaging design, plastic packaging design. All kinds of, not just specified in box packaging.

I will not say much word here, just relax and enjoy. Get some inspirations.

Packaging Design: 40 Creative Box Designs That’ll Bowl You Over

Packaging design: 45 inspirational examples

PackagingDesign34 PackagingDesign33 PackagingDesign32 PackagingDesign31 PackagingDesign30 PackagingDesign29 PackagingDesign28 PackagingDesign27 PackagingDesign26 PackagingDesign25 PackagingDesign24 PackagingDesign23 PackagingDesign22 PackagingDesign21 PackagingDesign20 PackagingDesign19 PackagingDesign18 PackagingDesign17 PackagingDesign16 PackagingDesign15 PackagingDesign14 PackagingDesign13 PackagingDesign12 PackagingDesign11 PackagingDesign10 PackagingDesign9 PackagingDesign8 PackagingDesign7 PackagingDesign6 PackagingDesign5 PackagingDesign4 PackagingDesign3 PackagingDesign2 PackagingDesign1


Packaging Box Structure Design

Writing for this blog for so long, and i was always trying to surprise every one came into my blog. In a fact i was always surprised by the others’ blogs. They are so good and amazing. But i still try to do my blogs, because I believe I can some sort of help, maybe  a little, but this can be helpful for some new beginners for designing.

I am not a professional at design, and i do not know much software. And the only software for me that i mastered is Packmage. Not because i do not want to learn, in fact i am learning Flash, PS, CorelDraw, when i am free. I find that mastering a software is amazing, mastering more will be more fun and wonderful.

Packaging design software for corrugated box and folding cartons is done now, now I am going to do more.


3D_BLANK_SAMPLEWorkflow_en3D_BLANK_SAMPLE2 3D_Color_Sample1 3D_Color_Sample2 Folding FoldingWay ParamericDesign StepAndRepeatFunction TextureFunction SnapLockBottom_2 AutoBottom_1 AutoBottom_2 SnapLockBottom_1 Box0214B Box0214A HandBag5 HandBag1 HandBag2 HandBag3 HandBag4 D013_v3 D013_v1 D013_v2 D024_2 TissueBox1 TissueBox2 TissueBox3 D007_2 D010_2 D010_1 D023_2 D023_1 A019A_v3 A019A_v1 A019A_v2


Carton Packaging Structure Design

Objective: understand the most common carton packing structures and functions of packaging, as well as to conform to the packaging structure capacity requirement of design.
1, the basic knowledge of the carton packaging
2, the carton packaging structure classification
3, carton packaging structure design skills

First, the basic knowledge of the carton packaging
(1), the size of the carton
(2), all kinds of folding line style and function
(3), the international standard of small and medium-sized inverting lifted the lid cartons

The paper properties and the common varieties
White paper: also called white cardboard, its bottom, gray, white two kinds of surface points.
Board or straw board: also known as grass. Mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of carton or carton, can also be processed into liner material.
Corrugated board paper: also known as ma board, it as panel glue, paper and corrugated paper core is made all kinds of structure of corrugated carton.
Corrugated board: due to shape of corrugated wave the name. It can be all kinds of carton and carton.
Plastic composite paper: composite is bond to each other by a variety of material, plastic composite paper is soft composite materials.

Carton structure – with this important element in the structure design
In the carton packaging, with this part is under load, stress, vibration, drop, and other factors affect the biggest part. In the structure design, need careful consideration.
Structure of the main points and box type structure and tray type two kinds.
With this structure design – box type structure:
Box type structure:
Refers to the carton box body and a box shaped, extension on surface of the box type box body four designed on the basis of different paper carton sealing structure in the form of bolted.
Box type structure can be divided into the following kinds:
1, the socket bottom sealing type:
2, glue sealing type:
3, End lock type:
4, automatic lock bottom type:
5, partition bottom sealing type:
6, folding back cover type:
7, press the back cover type:
8, the press fixed type:

1, 2, box type structure
1, jack back cover (graphic)
This structure is generally only small packaging products, with only bear the weight of general, its characteristic is simple and convenient packaging products, has been widely used in the ordinary products.
2, glue back cover (graphic)
This structure is normally only used for packing machinery, this bonding with one another in the two wings with bottom sealing structure, with makings provinces, with this have been able to withstand the heavy weight, packing of powder products can prevent the powder leakage, and durable, this is common, such as washing powder packing structure.



BoxStructure4 BoxStructure5

Box type structure
3, the lock bottom type: This structure is shake frame type box with four wings part designed to bite each other end of the form of a lock. Has been widely used in small and medium-sized bottled product this kind of structure form of cover.
4, automatic lock bottom type:
With a small amount of binder, when forming the just has to open the original fold flat box body, which can use the reply to box type shape, at the same time with this will automatically connect the bottom of the lock.

BoxStructure6 BoxStructure7 BoxStructure10 BoxStructure9 BoxStructure8 BoxStructure11 BoxStructure12

Box type structure
5, partition bottom sealing type:
Play in the box body volume split into two, three, four, six, nine different partition of the state, effectively fixed inside the packaging products, prevent damage of vibration.
6, folding back cover type:
Characteristic is modeling beautiful pattern, can be used for gift packaging products for sale, because the structure is to connect with each other, generally unable to bear too much weight.

BoxStructure13 BoxStructure14 BoxStructure15

Box type structure
7, press the back cover type:
Characterized by packing operation is simple, save paper.
8, the press fixed:
Characterized by packing operation is very simple, greatly saving paper and packaging process.

BoxStructure16 BoxStructure15 BoxStructure17

With this structure design – tray structure:
Tray type structure (graphic)
Tray type structure is the cartons with this disk.
Its structure is in with few extends out of the box body on the edge of a few surface, is with this with the box body on the basis of the same paper, designed in the form of various box body bolt junction box structure.
Tray type structure of flat type is suitable for packaging products, commonly by folding into the tray shape packing products.
Tray type structure:

BoxStructure18 BoxStructure19 BoxStructure20 BoxStructure21 BoxStructure22

Second, the structure of the carton packaging
1, the box body structure
A, shake cover box
The simplest structure, use of a box
Cigarette case

BoxStructure22 BoxStructure23 BoxStructure24

B, casing box cover (also known as heaven and earth)
Used in high-grade goods and gift box
C, open window structure
Biggest characteristic contents or the inner packing directly.

BoxStructure25 BoxStructure26 BoxStructure27 BoxStructure28

Commonly used box structure
E display (figure 1, figure 2, figure 3, figure 4,)
Display box and can be called “POP” boxes, advertising for sexual display, can fully show the packing form again. The form: one kind is with cover, exhibition will cover opened, transportation and buildings can be folded; Another kind is not with cover, the outdoor display. It has played a display, promote the role of commodities and introduce yourself.

BoxStructure29 BoxStructure30 BoxStructure31 BoxStructure32
F enclosed (figure 1, figure 2,)
Enclosed box is a product of modern packaging, its characteristic is fully enclosed. It has better function on security, ease of use. Main forms have delayed opening line tear open form, in the form of the straws inserted into the holes contents smoking, etc., used to drinkings.

BoxStructure33 BoxStructure34 BoxStructure35 BoxStructure36

Variants of box structure modeling techniques to deepen, artistic and practical. The main change is on the face of the box shape, edge, Angle and quantity, add and subtract in the direction of multi-level processing, etc. More suitable for gift packaging.

BoxStructure37 BoxStructure38 BoxStructure39 BoxStructure40
H Affirmative type (figure 1, figure 2),
Affirmative type packing box biggest characteristic is convenient to carry, also known as portability packing box. The model structure are equipped with a handle on the box body, affirmative part can be attached, can also use the extension of cover and side lock into each other.

BoxStructure45 BoxStructure46 BoxStructure47 BoxStructure48 BoxStructure52 BoxStructure51 BoxStructure50 BoxStructure49 BoxStructure53 BoxStructure54 BoxStructure55 BoxStructure56 BoxStructure57 BoxStructure58 BoxStructure59 BoxStructure60 BoxStructure62 BoxStructure61 BoxStructure63

Packaging Design Appreciation

Packaging Design Appreciation   1 Packaging Design Appreciation   2

        The packaging design has a retro feel. And plain regression.

        The design is simple and easy, use the appearance of a bamboo pole.

       Have a strong sense of design and modeling.

Packaging Design Appreciation   3
     The shape of the bottle using the shape of a light bulb, novel ideas.        

      Beautiful color and to add strong sense of quality.

      Vintage wine bottle shape, the shape of the ancient copper, dark bottle color have strengthened the ancient feelings.

Packaging Design Appreciation   4 Packaging Design Appreciation   5
     Full of interesting packaging, design can be interesting and full of stereo feeling, give a person a pleasant mood.

Packaging Design Appreciation   6      The packing of the West Lake combined the culture of the West Lake water and the broken bridge, the Hangzhou image becomes more strong, and with more modeling idea.

       Creative packaging, shoe box with shoes laces as a creative point, let the shoe lace become a shoebox decoration.

Packaging Design Appreciation   7 Packaging Design Appreciation   8Packaging Design Appreciation   9
      The inside structure design enhanced the protection of product.

Packaging Design Appreciation   10 Packaging Design Appreciation   11
     Rich color, bright eye-catching. Small point of change and the change of the hollow made packaging of a single appearance rich.

Packaging Design Appreciation   12
     Creative and interesting packaging, simple and do not lose characteristics.

Packaging Design Appreciation   13
     Strong glass textures, increase the smell of perfume and visual impact.

     The modeling of simple luxuriant temperament of also do not break.

Packaging Design Appreciation   14 Packaging Design Appreciation   15
      Translucent packaging allows customers to see the appearance of the goods inside, know the cookies taste, enhance the customer’s taste.

Packaging Design Appreciation   16 Packaging Design Appreciation   17
       Break the traditional image of mobile phone box, use packing box internal space more reasonable, save costs.

Packaging Design Appreciation   18
      The colorful changes and collocation, outside modeling of the box is a highlight of the packaging, attract the attentions of the children.

Packaging Design Appreciation   19
       A variety of flavors of ice cream, reflects their tastes and the content on packaging.

Packaging Design Appreciation   20
      Chocolate packaging, full of sweet and romantic feeling. Like a book, there are a variety of flavors and easy to eat, and after eating, the collection can be set.

Packaging Design Appreciation   21 Packaging Design Appreciation   22
       Packing box, in the form of tai chi with wood materials, full of medieval classic lasting appeal. The bottle packaging design elegance, painting with top hollow design is high quality and restore ancient ways.

Packaging Design Appreciation   23
      This kind packaging of perfume is unique, you can tell differences from the colors.

Packaging Design Appreciation   24
      The bottle is very style, color is very bright and different, simple but colorful.

Packaging Design Appreciation   25
       Thought-provoking all kinds of tableware packaging, let people remember that this is a tree, to wake up people of environmental conservation.

Packaging Design Appreciation   26
       Cat food packaging, creative.

Packaging Design Appreciation   27 Packaging Design Appreciation   28
      Different taste, the bottle appearance with the corresponding color and texture, give a person the sense of fresh.

      Make use of the characteristics of the goods combined with translucent packaging, make product become a part of the external packaging, novel and special.

Packaging Design Appreciation   29 Packaging Design Appreciation   30
      Use headphones line as part of the notes, use headphones plug as another part of the notes, full sense of design.

Packaging Design Appreciation   31
      Packing also adopts the Italian spaghetti, building the Eiffel Tower as the modeling, is very interesting.

Packaging Design Appreciation   32
      Honey around a swarm of bees on the package design, outstanding performance presents fresh and real honey.

Packaging Design Appreciation   33
       The packaging of the flavor materials not only can be used as the sealing, removed can also apply to the bread as a spoon.

Packaging Design Appreciation   34
      Lovely modeling, rich color, is the favorite for girls and children.

Packaging Design Appreciation   35 Packaging Design Appreciation   36 Packaging Design Appreciation   37 Packaging Design Appreciation   39 Packaging Design Appreciation   40 Packaging Design Appreciation   41 Packaging Design Appreciation   42
       Creative packaging bottles, better protect the bottle, has a sense of modeling design.

     This is the shirt packaging, save space and material, can reuse, environmental-friendly and clean.

Packaging Design Appreciation   44 Packaging Design Appreciation   45 Packaging Design Appreciation   46 Packaging Design Appreciation   47
       Inside the packing is pictures of animals, with the outside shape indicates the situation of precious animals now, cause people to ponder.

      Simple Sarah packaging, can see the content of the commodity, and environmental protection, material- saving.

Packaging Design Appreciation   48 Packaging Design Appreciation   49
      The design adopts the bump color of popular element, give a person strong visual impact. Simple modeling won’t let a person feel boring.

Packaging Design Appreciation   50

Do you know something about sales package?

    Sales packing is also called the inner packing or small, can also be called retail packaging, is a sales as the main purpose, direct holding commodities, and arrived in consumer goods and packaging.

The function of the sales package:
   Protect the goods quality. Meet the needs of the consumers;
   Promote the commodity sales; Spread the enterprise image.
   Sales of packaging design

Do you know something about sales package1

The originality of the sales package
 1, the style of the ancients:
   Archaize image ;archaize color; antique structure; archaize function ;archaize style; antique materials; texture of the ancients

Do you know something about sales package2 Do you know something about sales package3

2, The bionic:
Image bionic; color bionic; materials bionic; structure bionic; function bionic

Do you know something about sales package4 Do you know something about sales package5 Do you know something about sales package6

3, Simplified:

   Refers to the packaging design pursuit is concise, do not damage the packaging function of commonly used methods.

   Simplify words, form, the structure, material, graphic 

4, Optimization:
   Shape optimization and shape optimization, color, material optimization, texture optimization, function optimization, structural optimization, psychological optimization, cost optimization.

Do you know something about sales package7 Do you know something about sales package8

5, Combination:
   The original pieces of sales of goods, combined into one or a set of packaging.
Gift combination packing use combination
Psychological combination packing set combination

Do you know something about sales package9 Do you know something about sales package10

6, Series:
   For the same goods in product form, name, color, form, material, combination, make unusual packaging processing, form a series.

Commodity series (the same product name, a name series packaging)
Color series (the same products, using different packaging decoration colors, used in cosmetics, children’s toys, candy, and other products packaging)
Form series (of the same product packaging form diversification, including name, form, containers, packaging and so on are not the same)
Series form (the same product to packaging to change, change, such as size, height, length, can beautify the packing, and can change the packing capacity, also can increase the comfort of a container to enable)
Material series (the same products made of different materials packaging, applicable to step packaging strategy)

Do you know something about sales package11 Do you know something about sales package12 Do you know something about sales package13 Do you know something about sales package14

Sales of packaging design
1, Easy to display, exhibition sales packaging design:
Stack type – refers to the store shelves display products, designed for the similar goods stack up sales packaging.
Hanging – can be hanging in the store shelves display packaging. Such as batteries, toys, tools, socks, etc. Commonly used type hanging packing have a paper jam, box, bag, etc.
Thermoforming hanging – there are two methods of blister packaging box. (the transparent plastic film and sheet cover or cover on the back line with goods on board, make the commodity board as a whole, the visible through the transparent plastic image of the product.)
Card type hanging — is a relatively simple hanging packing. Hanging hole is open, and according to the shape of a commodity, open several bayonet on cardboard, then put the goods in the above.
Box, bag, putting hanging – made from plastic or cardboard box, bag or model hanging, with hanging above the hole or hooks, goods in container, the container is completely transparent, or at least use transparent plastic on the front)
Transparent packaging, can be completely transparent, translucent

Do you know something about sales package15 Do you know something about sales package16 Do you know something about sales package17 Do you know something about sales package18

2, Easy to use sales of packaging design.
Easy to open, is a packaging container with seal structure, whether in paper containers, metal containers, plastic containers, glass containers, etc., should be on the premise of tight sealing, open easily. Mainly include the cans, easy open bottle, easy open box, etc.
Some fluid spray – mainly sales packaging.
Pump type packing – mainly thickens goods sales. Such as shampoo, etc.
Form a complete set of packaging – refers to the consumption of collateral goods supplement sales of complete sets of packaging. Such as table tennis, table tennis and nets, pencils, pencil sharpener, a rubber in the stationery, paper clips, etc.
Food cooking packaging, plastic boxes, aluminum foil composite material, through the method of heat sealing packaging container. Meat, fish, fruit, pastries, canned and frozen foods are used.
Disposable packaging, can be divided into capacity is only for the use of a package and the packing of the products can be used only once and other two types. The former such as hotel shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and so on, the latter such as syringe, etc.
The design of the special structure of packaging, packaging structure has the function of special ease of use. A lift is open, such as cigarette box; Tear open, suitable for powder, granule, flake of commodity; Hose type; Funnel type; Kettle pot; Bowl shape packing and so on.

Do you know something about sales package19 Do you know something about sales package20 Do you know something about sales package21 Do you know something about sales package22 Do you know something about sales package23

3, Easy to sales of protective packaging design:
Anti-counterfeiting packaging, such as safety insurance cover, laser anti-counterfeit marking.
Aseptic packing – divided into aseptic filling, aseptic filling packing and filling after sterilization of three types of packing.

Do you know something about sales package24 Do you know something about sales package25 Do you know something about sales package26


How to do packaging visual communication design

     Packaging visual communication design including trademarks, text, color, picture or illustration of visual elements such design and reasonable configuration, want to convey information to consumers, and make visual impact effect for consumers, make customers have attention and interest on the enterprise information, ideas, or commodity, thus achieve the purpose of sales promotion.

visual design 1

 The semantics requirements of the packing:
   Understandability: packing style is unified, easy to memorize without cognitive impairment.
   The internal conveying way: in obvious or dark expression to convey products specialty manufacturers status, features and quality information.
   Associative: tension and modeling concise force make the image bright, has the associative.
   Aesthetic: to translate materials into emotional symbol, embody humanistic value.
   Time: should be in line with time spirit and the modern way of life.
   Information degree : the message should be greater than the required basic information, and has a certain margin, in order to avoid loss.

Packaging visual elements
   Trademark — trademark itself is a kind of visual elements, some packaging simply wrap logo as the main visual elements (such as Coca-Cola, etc.).
   Text — text size, location depends on the specific content, pay attention to its relationship with the graphics, color, logo, etc.
   Color — with the characteristics of color to show product, consider visual effects and relationship between it and other goods.
   Photos and illustrations — visual expression of the goods.

visual  design 2


visual design 3

The main product packaging performance
   The appearance of product features — direct display, start, the structure of the plastic packaging.
   Product use effect characteristics — text, logo, the AD.
   The stillness of the product and its using state — abstract graphics.
   The composition of the product contains ingredients —graphic method, perspective.
   Source products, historical symbol expression — traditional patterns, pattern, color, text, material technology, etc.
   The nature of the product — colors, graphics performance.
   The characteristics of the product image — enterprise standard image, font, color, shape, etc.

Logo (standard) design principles
   Associative, identification, abstraction, integrity;
   Be narrowed (print quality assurance purposes);
   Can be monochrome (printing, reduce cost);
   Virtual space processing (clever to deal with the relationship of the figure and ground, can deepen symbol meaning);
   Visual weight, liquidity, directivity.

visual design 4

The word body design
   The purpose of the typeface design:
   To fully convey the information at the same time make the words, the forms of products, product features, the aesthetic idea of people achieve harmony and unity.
   Font design requirements:
   Text design subject to the overall design;
   And the product characteristic unifies;
   Visual appeal of the shape;
   Proper font combination .

visual design 5

The commonly used font styles
   Basic architecture thinking: type of font, font size, words combination of word groups, the direction of the word groups, etc.
   Modeling development thinking: pattern, line thickness change, strengthen the single letters, figure to reverse transformation, three-dimensional, composition, etc.

visual design 6 visual design 7

visual design 8

Color design
   Three elements of color: hue, lightness, purity; And color can give a person feelings and memories, in the packaging design, its properties and has the relevant relationship between products.

   Hue is a set of color is the general tendency, the general appeal, it is the key to the packaging color design.
   Color design and the main functions of the products are basic requirements of the unity, then unifies with the time requirements, with different areas, like people of color, taboo unifies.

visual design 10 visual design 11

Color contrast
   Contrast — stereo sense is strong
   Changes in temperature — cool color more cold, warm color more warm
   Weight contrast — strong sense of quality, light color is more light, heavy color
   Hue contrast — excitant strong
   Brightness contrast — high resolution
   Purity contrast— plumpness high purity, high purity, strong color sense
   Simple contrast — false or true feeling is strong
   HuaSu contrast —thematic is strong
   Distance comparison — strong sense of distance
   Comprehensive comparison — very rich

visual design 12

Balance of colors
   Refers to a variety of packaging colors and inherent color goods through coordination, one way to make it harmonious. Generally applied to the complex quality, elegance, of primitive simplicity, mellow, aloes, high-grade goods, such as packaging design.

Main harmonic methods are:
   The same harmonic method: Color element in one or two of the same elements, by the method of harmonic.
   Similar harmonic method: by the same means of harmonic, make different color elements close to each other, and reach a certain degree of approximation and harmonic.
   Order harmonic method: by selecting the orderly color, are combined or enhance contrast color order and realize harmonic.

   Refers to the packing decoration color inherent image color, the same with the product. Such as: bamboo wine packaging, using bamboo turquoise.
   General use on the goods with fixed color.

visual design 13

visual design 14
   Refers to the color packaging for goods inherent form color strengthening effect on certain features or commodity quality. Such as: packaging color such as in gold, silver, yellow to strengthen goods such as jewelry, jade, cultural relics, precision instruments of luxury, elegant, high quality;
    Another reinforcement effect, in order to strengthen the commodity name or trademark, strengthen the visual impact, conspicuous.

visual design 15 visual design 16

    Alienation is based on color contrast, the inherent color packaging decoration design in view of the commodity, the method used to choose the opposite color, so as to achieve outstanding name, logo, product image, promote the purpose of marketing.
    Alienation can also be used in gift packaging, decoration color and the color of the packaging. Such as: in black or blue color, in red, western red, rose red, lace or label.

visual design 17 visual design 18

    The purpose to make packaging form diversification, can be:
    Hue series – will all sorts of color and on the same kind of commodity packaging;
    Series – color lightness of different brightness levels used in the same commodity packaging;
    Series – color purity of different grade of purity and application in the same commodity packaging;
   Cross – more than three overlapping series.

visual design 19 visual design 20 visual design 21

The use of photos and illustrations

visual design 22

Photos use skill
   Highlight the main image;
   Note the foil;
   Pay attention to light object;
   Photos should be with the whole picture of packaging design, text, and modelling, coordinated material.

visual design 23 visual design 24

Illustrations use skills
  Understand his intention, illustration is designed to foil and deepen the theme, to make the finishing point.
  Note representation – ping tu, gradient, surface, dot, line, etc., with deepening the theme.
   Familiar with the printing effect, considering it is monochrome or polychromatic, letterpress or offset, gloss or matte, and so on.
   Overall effect – illustrations must be consider in conjunction with other text, marks or other product elements.

Version of the plane design
   In accordance with the requirements of packaging design the signs such as graphics, text, illustrations, the combination of visual elements is reasonable, beautiful, composition, is called layout design.

Layout design requirements
   Prominent theme, combined with primary and secondary.
   Reasonable use of formal beauty.

visual design 25 visual design 26

The most wonderful packaging box design

1, Packaging open means

bz 6
2, Design of human caring

bz 5bz 4

With the strengthening trend of global integration, people’s lives standards are increasingly affluent, lifestyles are also quietly changing. Consumer demand for the product is no longer limited to meet the basic needs of life, but the desire for multi-sensory emotional and humanized products. For most closely connected with the product packaging open means, the single and indifferent form has been unable to meet the needs of modern people. Accordingly, stylist when making packaging design creation, especially in the mode of open mode design should pay more attention to the interaction and communication between people and open means, to make packaging open means more emotional and personalization.

bz 3bz 2bz 1

Packaging open means design as an integral part in the packaging design system, studies how to packaging open process and achieve its behavior way of the problem. Packaging open is the first link, the bridges between consumers and products, merchants and consumers, is a psychological change process for the consumer to make the packaging built-in objects from unknown to known.


    Packaging design— open means

Carton according to different opening methods, its structure can be divided into cap type, draw out and shake cover type and cassette, etc.


    Open means

1) Cap type: generally consists of two parts, the two parts, or stick, or separation, by lifted the lid to fit with this completely. The method of making the cap type carton is intuitive, simple, is also widely used.

bz 17bz 13

(2) The drawer: a kind designed according to the structure, with the method of pull open or close the carton, matchbox is a typical kind of drawer box.

bz 12bz 9

(3) Shake cover type: one of the most commonly used methods of the carton  packaging, the cover and carton connected as an organic whole, the lid of the sealing can have a variety of changes.

bz 10

(4) Cartridge : known as the portable box. General the opening is the handle part.

bz 8bz 7


(5) Other structures: the door type/damage type, art type such open means, etc.

The door type

bz 19

The damage type

bz 20bz 22

The art type

bz 21bz 15bz 14