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You announced plans to become a web designer, you look forward to sent congratulations, bear hug and encourage people, meet you is an embarrassing silence, muttering and let a person be disappointed advice: “to find good retreat for himself.” You are expected to celebrate the moment it falling from a building, boom, all destroyed.

Web designer career risk is much bigger than the sorting work. In fact, the chance of success almost as slim as many expect an actor to make a living. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t become so wealthy, balance of payments of a few people. If the optimistic view of all this, and draw lessons from previous failure, you may succeed.
The following is a web designer is usually a few mistakes and some tips on how to avoid these mistakes.


Monet can not become a web designer
You can wield your brush like master freely, but you are not necessarily a great web designer. Obviously, artistic attainments are necessary, but you must also have strong problem solving skills, interpersonal co


mmunication and computer skills. You need to know how to use the right colors, fonts, images, symbols, etc., blank, to attract and retain users online, you must also have to decipher your client needs skills, including those who don’t know what you want.
Before starting your web design career, tally up your skills library, honestly look at whether you can be competent the job of a web designer. If you find that in some areas still lack, please swallow your skills step by step.


Content summary:
1 the right attitude, dedicated career attitude and whether on business or on the external image must be professional attitude.
2 organizational and time management experience, planning and allocation of time, especially when a lot of work needs to be done at home.
3 the establishment of a lasting relationship – the best customer is existing customers, focus on customer needs, provide diversified services.
4 networking – use the Internet, media, business activities and peers and experts exchanges, meet the market marketing personnel.


5 blog, write business related quality original article, become an expert, let customer find you through related articles or works, this is the best free promotion (in blog is not up to date now stand cool works the same as the tutorial effect hair:))
6 business skills, improve skills, encounter problems to search engines and net friend for help.
7 to use the right tools – software and equipment, to do a good job, must first sharpen his device, etc.
Finally, self-reliance portal web design business is need perseverance and willpower, accept the challenge, this is a good chance to promote your growth.


Web page is not made of paper
If you are from plane to web design, forget you have a lot of graphic design experience. Web design is a completely different fields. You are no longer worry about space limitations, and tries to as little language as possible convey as much information as possible. The Internet provides unlimited space for you. In fact, here, the white space and a lot of pictures is your best friend.
Your enemy is time. You must attract your audience, stop them by the terrible “back” button, or find other sites. They spend more time on your client page, the more likely they are to take action. That’s the point, isn’t it?
Plunged into web design career before, please ensure that you can well realize smooth transition from paper to cyberspace. You know, WordPress and publications (Press) are quite different.


For graphic transformation web designer extension reading 】 【 eight Suggestions
Content summary:
1, familiar with responsive design characteristics.
2 learn a little HTML language.
3 design dynamic content: including voice, links, and interactive action.
4 color mode: four color to three colors.
5 to master the application principles, network font not all print for the network, you also need to consider the web compatibility.
6 the size of the image format change and designed for hd monitor.
7 is an important part of the search engine optimization and web design, is that you need to know.

You are not your own boss
Some people think that as an independent web designers, will be more easily than work for someone else. Is it true? Self-employment means you additional responsibilities will greatly increase your workload. You have to find their own customers, and they are stalling, you need to take care of “business” work, such as accounting and marketing. You can from nine to five, normal working day for you to say goodbye.
In addition, you may not believe, you are still not in the work for myself. Your customer is the boss. Your work must meet their requirements, specifications and deadline. They don’t even give you a bonus.
Before you took to the web page design career, see the cruel fact, you will be better prepared. Now, before you dumbfounded, learn some knowledge of accounting and advertising.


The advantages and disadvantages of working from home extension reading 】 【 (comic)
Collection is the most powerful proof
When it comes to web development business, vocabulary is weak. No one cares about your recommendation or elaborate resume, work can explain everything, you need to make your portfolio to speak for you.
If you can’t to your potential customers, provide at least five good case, you may starve to death. Before you take hand works reserves in place, you work for someone else before you.
If you have been fully certified, make sure you have the ability to become a successful web designer, then no need to seek the opinions of others. Stand questioning of the relatives and friends and chatter, and believe that a better life will be the best response, 25% of the web designer is indeed to do so.


10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer

1, Color psychology
10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer1

2, Element design
10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer2

3, A day for a graphic designer
10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer3

4, The development line of graphic designer

10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer4
5, Your web design will give you away
10 Illustrations Create the Best Graphic Designer5

6, Freelance’s chart
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7, The reality of the graphic design industry
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8, The present situation of graphic design
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9, Creative salary
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10, Analysis of a graphic designer
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Five Web Design Skills — Let Users Get Crazy With You

     We all want a successful design revision can make websites with renewed vigor, not only to attract users, and users are willing to spend more time to browse. To do this, don’t need any mysterious skills. Here will tell you to get your website more popular skill, take that ~

     As we all know, appealing illustrations, creative layout and persuasive content can attract users. But sometimes it is not such matter. You may had a similar experience, proud to make the most fashionable page without ideal views. That kind of feeling, you know.

     First of all, we first clarify, right page layout should be like this: to induce the audience to explore your site, let them stay on the information you provide, the last to them to take action. Now, get into the business, hope you can get some useful information from this article.

1. Make the users fall in love at first sight

  A combination of graphics and content, let the user see admire, produce emotional resonance, are deeply attracted. There are two methods (A) keep the same page layout, lest visitors not to escape. (B) using attracting and high resolution graphics.

   Learned anything: create a unified visual experience, use emotional colors and lines, to mobilize the participation of users, combined with compelling content, just enough to give the user a surprise.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You1

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2. Tell stories

     We all like the gossip in the break room, at the party. When we share these stories, we give more attention. In that case, why not tell a story on your website? You can draw lessons from the practice of some movie website.
Learned anything: time tested, this is a good way to improve user participation. The key is you must be good at telling stories. Learn some knowledge about information hierarchy, will help you better understand the psychology of audience, let your web design get a higher conversion rate.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You2 Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You3

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3. Get rid of the conventional

    We are always attracted to unusual things. Brainstorming can help you find ways to make your web design to stand out. Start with high-definition graphics and unique format, a good layout absolutely can reinforce your message.

    If you always do what others do, you will be always buried in the crowd. However, if your site is different, your message will stand out, get attention. New journey always make people nervous, but must be worth to explore.

  Learned anything: when users interact with your site, to leave an indelible impression on them. Like your favorite ice cream flavor is better than other myriad taste, your web page layout should strive to become the audience favorite flavor, and make them want to come back at any time. The key here is study + creativity. Yes, please hold the boundaries between unconventional and strange.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You4

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4. Put the important information on the first screen

     Network competition under the normal, it is difficult to get new visitors. So, once the user on your site, you must hope that they stay in website longer. Relatively speaking, don’t need to scroll the screen operation, people are willing to spend more time to stay. So the design must be efficient. Wisely make response actions, preferential information or register button on the first page, you can benefit from the user feedback.

     What did I learn: the arrangement of information, should let visitors quickly find what they are looking for. Even promote visitors after he found what he needed information, continue lingering on your site.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You6

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5. Continue improving

     Game master also can’t win every time. We all need to practice, fine-tuning skills, to do better in the game. Adjust your website design, make the target audience like, is a gradual process.

    Learned anything: continuous improvement of the old concept has been introduced in Japan for decades. To design your website, and then test it, then test again, see what are the most popular pages. Also, you can also find website bounce rate is higher. There is no short way to success.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You7

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       Attached tips: enjoy inspirations like enjoy the beauty. For inspiration, keep creative inspiration and create your inspiration. Google key words such as “web design inspiration”, you will get spewing from countless other web design inspirations. This will help you break your creative bottlenecks. Please bring fun to design, if you are stuck, let oneself catch a breath.

  What did I learn: inspire your groceries. In order to find the great idea, sometimes you just need to take a step back. Look at other people’s masterpiece, you are likely to develop themselves, on the other side to discover a new skill. You might not create masterpieces, but there must be a new harvest.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You8

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        Learned these rules? Break them now – that is to create!

       If you already have a website or is about to do a website, look at it now. Remove all the interference information, remove affect and dilution reading information content, only keep necessary. When you will be useless after excluding, you’ll get a good website. When you have a place in the heart of the user, they can be hard to leave you now.

Five Web Design Skills Let Users Get Crazy With You9