The Carton Structure Design

A. By changing the line to transform modeling technique

The carton structure design1

B、By changing the box body decent relations to change modelling technique

The carton structure design2The carton structure design3

C、Use paper produces the curved surface

The carton structure design4

Mimicry design

The carton structure design5

The handle and the box body one-piece structure

The carton structure design6


The carton structure design7

Special form box structure design

The carton structure design8 The carton structure design9 The carton structure design10 The carton structure design11 The carton structure design12


How to make a window and portable structure?

Window structure and portable structure of the box, left and right side each has a handle structure,, two lever handles are formed in the opposite direction. After folding and pressing, forming the handle structure. The window structure directly designed on the main body,the window can seal the transparent plastic ,like PE.

The box is mainly used in electronic toy products and food as gifts, or family use. In modern packaging, users often hope to see the packaging shape and appearance of the product first (not buy products before they can see). To make this design structure used more and more.

The purpose of the present invention is to make the most common simple box type use widely by adding window and portable structure.

In order to achieve the purpose, to compare this common box type. There are the advantages of this box type.



      A                    B                                          D

Windowed on the main body, so that transparent plastic can be sealed on the molding box window. We can see the built-in objects, before buying can let consumers to see the inside product, to meet the curiosity of consumers the first time, especially the electronic toys, consumers pay more attention to its appearance.
Window open on the biggest main body, then the area of the window can be bigger, the user’s view is more clear. Common remote control toy planes and cars on the market are big volume, opening a window on the structure can maximize the use of the box space.






In general, this kind of folding carton includes main body face, side face, plug cover and shake up and down the wing, and so on. The invention increases the structure 2, lid and handle configuration for the folding, including the top and bottom plane. Under the first controller on the plane and the handle in the opposite direction from the folding clasp each other, upon the completion of the folding, jointly formed the handle directly in the opposite direction carrying structure.

As shown in figure, this structure is the most to the left of the graph structure with 2 D plane (the fourth side) on the hollow out since the generation of cellular structure. With traditional after add holes inside the lacing cellular structure is not the same, the cellular structure is composed of box type folded his, don’t need any ropes and additives, and reduces to a certain extent the box type process, speed up the working efficiency.


zf9zf11 zf12 zf10


Watch the stereogram after molding , basically, the weight of the goods inside the box is hold by face B. Face B directly connected to the left and right faces, so the carrying capacity of the box type can be strengthened at this time, around the tongue have increased lock structure to make it firm and difficult to burst open.




Structure 3 is a lock structure that connects face D and face A . By traditional ways is to use glue to stick together. This structure is improved, and can connect directly, so as to reduce the process and save time.