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Mouse packaging box template

Mouse is the essential parts of the computer when we working or surfing on internet or playing games. The mouse packaging as we seen usually is a cardboard packaging with window style, the potential user could see the mouse inside the packaging. There’s an mouse packaging box template for you as a reference.

box template

Mouse packaging box template

Cosmetics packaging deisgn

The cosmetics usually use cardboard box as its outer packaging. Lots of cosmetics paid great attention to the cosmetics packaging design for the promotion purpose. The following photos show the cosmetics packaging design process: carton box structural design, 3D sample, graphic design.

carton box structure design

Cosmetics carton box structure design

3D sample

3D blank sample

cosmetics box design

Cosmetics packaging box design



Chocolate packaging box design

chocolate packaging box

Chocolate packaging box design

Unlike other chocolate packaging box, this packaging used tray structure, the graphic design add some cartoon style which makes the chocolate packaging more lovely and attractive.

Packmage CAD carton box drawing tool released

carton box drawing tool

Packmage CAD carton box drawing tool

Packmage CAD software recently released the carton box drawing tool, with it user could import the carton box die line from other CAD software, after define the 3D modeling, user could check the box modeling in the 3D module. User also could draw carton box templates via this tool or modify the box templates in the library to get the required carton box template, it is easy and fun, come and have a look.