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Packaging Box Design Appreciation

This post is going  to post all kinds of packaging design that I collected, sharing for refresh your eyes. There are bottle packaging design, box packaging design, plastic packaging design. All kinds of, not just specified in box packaging.

I will not say much word here, just relax and enjoy. Get some inspirations.

Packaging Design: 40 Creative Box Designs That’ll Bowl You Over

Packaging design: 45 inspirational examples

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How to Design You Own Folding Way of Packaging Boxes?

On the other day, one of my friends asked me, if I want to draw a box, and then make the box fold by my wishes, how can I achieve that?

Here, I think this is what my friends looking for. Just input the angles in order of the faces of the box, and then you can get your own folding box.

Clever packaging design software for corrugated boxes and folding cartons.


FodingWay1 FodingWay2 FodingWay3 FodingWay4 FodingWay5 FodingWay6 FodingWay7 FodingWay8 FodingWay9 FodingWay10 FodingWay11

2D-3D Packaging Box Design

2D-3D3 2D-3D1 2D-3D4 2D-3D2 2D-3D5


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The most wonderful packaging box design

1, Packaging open means

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2, Design of human caring

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With the strengthening trend of global integration, people’s lives standards are increasingly affluent, lifestyles are also quietly changing. Consumer demand for the product is no longer limited to meet the basic needs of life, but the desire for multi-sensory emotional and humanized products. For most closely connected with the product packaging open means, the single and indifferent form has been unable to meet the needs of modern people. Accordingly, stylist when making packaging design creation, especially in the mode of open mode design should pay more attention to the interaction and communication between people and open means, to make packaging open means more emotional and personalization.

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Packaging open means design as an integral part in the packaging design system, studies how to packaging open process and achieve its behavior way of the problem. Packaging open is the first link, the bridges between consumers and products, merchants and consumers, is a psychological change process for the consumer to make the packaging built-in objects from unknown to known.


    Packaging design— open means

Carton according to different opening methods, its structure can be divided into cap type, draw out and shake cover type and cassette, etc.


    Open means

1) Cap type: generally consists of two parts, the two parts, or stick, or separation, by lifted the lid to fit with this completely. The method of making the cap type carton is intuitive, simple, is also widely used.

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(2) The drawer: a kind designed according to the structure, with the method of pull open or close the carton, matchbox is a typical kind of drawer box.

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(3) Shake cover type: one of the most commonly used methods of the carton  packaging, the cover and carton connected as an organic whole, the lid of the sealing can have a variety of changes.

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(4) Cartridge : known as the portable box. General the opening is the handle part.

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(5) Other structures: the door type/damage type, art type such open means, etc.

The door type

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The damage type

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The art type

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